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18 Apr 2019

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Would robo-advisor or P2P lending be a better investment choice for beginners?

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HC Tang

09 Mar 2019

Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

Yes. Just need to manage your risk and beginner will be fine too.

1) P2P - High risk but higher return in shorter terms. I invest in Funding Society 2 years ago , no loan default and returns good

My review :


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P/S: Just need to choose the right platform carefully. Read the review at the above links and also read this summary by Seedly: https://blog.seedly.sg/p2p-comparison/

2) Robo advisor : Long term (10 years to see good results ) investment. Basically a modernize unit trust with much lower fee manage by AI / algorithm. It invest in a basket of Bonds, gold, index funds, S&P 500 index funds , REITs, ETF and fix cash etc. Due to the risk spread out and I'm with StashAway for the last 2 years, no win no lose as it's still early to know. Do watch out for the recurring management fees.

My review at : https://seedly.sg/reviews/robo-advisors/stashaw...&utm_source=review_share&utm_medium=internal

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Read up all other robotadvisor summary by Seedly at :https://blog.seedly.sg/singapore-robo-advisor-i...

There are newer one launch by DBS or UOB , read review and observe carefully before making any investment.

All the best and start investing 😀👍

I did both as a beginner and i would advise you to allocate and diversify carefully.

P2P is short term. I allocated a small amount and am prepared to lose all my capital. For my robo-advisor, I set a longer time frame of 10 years with reasonable risk setting while evaluting yearly whether to increase/decrease the risk and amount.

It is worth noting that P2P definietly has much higher returns even than my equities (but then I am not that good at investing) but the risk is also much higher and i would caution you to think twice on the amount you allocate.


As a beginner investor I personally think that investing in either one would be a bit risky....

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