facebookWould like to ask which robo-advisor platform is better? As this is my first time investing and currently I just start working. Planning to do monthly $100 investment but I have no clue which platform? - Seedly


Would like to ask which robo-advisor platform is better? As this is my first time investing and currently I just start working. Planning to do monthly $100 investment but I have no clue which platform?

To use? As I keep researching a lot of mixed reviews on different platform can anyone guide or advise me which is better?

Thank you in advance. 😊

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26 Jun 2021

Financial Service Consultant at AIA



08 May 2020

Content & Community Lead at Syfe

Hi Javier, each platform has its own strengths but perhaps I can share more about what's truly distinctive about Syfe. Syfe employs a proprietary investment methodology called ARI (Automated Risk-managed Investing) that monitors your portfolio 24/7 to keep portfolio risk in line with your desired risk level.

During periods of high market volatility (like the current market for instance), ARI will adjust your portfolio allocation, reducing your exposure to higher-risk assets and increasing the percentage of lower-risk assets in your portfolio to cushion against huge losses and help you stay invested for the long haul. You can see our performance the past month here: https://www.syfe.com/magazine/the-coronavirus-e...

In terms of what Syfe invests in, we currently have two offerings. Our REIT+ portfolio is a SGD-denominated portfolio that tracks the SGX's iEdge S-REIT 20 index. You can choose the 100% REITs option or the REITs with Risk Management option (this comes with our ARI algorithm). You can find more details here.

Our Global Portfolio comprises ETFs diversified across geographies, sectors and asset classes.

Do also check out our Syfe community reviews here! Hope this helps :)

Personally I use Stashaway because objectively

  • no minimum funds
  • user friendly
  • you can adjust your risk accordingly

Also, in my opinion, its a good introduction on how robo-investing works, getting a sneakPeak into the US economy and so on.

However javier i think its really difficult and almost impossible to say which is the “better” robo-advisor platform as most of the algorithms in place arent transparent and always changing.

Ultimately Choose one that suits you! Dont give yourself too many options to choose from of course 🤪

All the best!

Ray Phua

Ray Phua

07 May 2020

Wealth Manager at AutoWealth

Hi Javier, its good that you intend to start investing at the early stage of your career. Agree with you that there are several platforms and each has its own strength. Its difficult to say which platform is better, rather you can prioritise your need and see which platform suit your need better.

Here are a few pointers you can consider to help you shortlist:

1) Investment Strategy. We take a passive market-returns portfolio investment approach. We place strong emphasis on portfolio allocation and diversification without market speculation. All AutoWealth portfolios are diversified across more than 8,000 stocks and 600 government bonds. These assets span across 4 major geographical regions (US, Europe, APAC & Emerging Markets) as well as across all major industries. As such, AutoWealth portfolios are more defensive against market turmoil than a portfolio that is concentrated only in a few asset classes.

2) Security of your investment. Each of our client has their own custodian account. AutoWealth clients’ monies and portfolio assets are held in a personal and segregated custody account at HSBC through Saxo Capital Markets. This means that monies and portfolio assets legally belong to the client and are fully segregated from AutoWealth or Saxo Capital Market’s own monies and assets.

3) Human Touch. Each of our client has a Wealth Manager assigned, whereby they can seek advice / assistance easily. This might be useful for you since this is your first time investing.

Lin Yun Heng

Lin Yun Heng

07 May 2020

Senior Analyst at Delphi Digital

That depends on your goal. Is your goal to protect capital? Or isit to grow your sum and what is you...

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