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11 May 2020


Can someone share your robo-advisor (Stashaway, Autowealth, Smartly) performance so far?

Still deciding to invest between Stashaway, Autowealth and Smartly

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Updated Apr 2019

Stashaway: Started in Oct 2017 with 60/40 portfolio on monthly contributions. Switched to 80+ equity during the trade war & SGD returns shot up to 11% (from 3 - 4% previously)

Question: Hypothetically if i knew a market crash would come in a month or so, would it be wise to lower my risk profile OR maintain risk profile and continue (or even pump) DCA-ing. Is it possible for the portfolio to get wiped permanently (due to some weird rebalancing) ?

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Autowealth: Started on Dec 2017 with highest risk of 80% in equities and 20% in bonds. Monthly contribution of $600 SGD. Returns are roughly 2.5%

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Started stashaway in feb, total gains 8.3% so far. Was in 20% risk level but adjusted the levels to 36% last month.

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Lim Chun Long Jimmy

07 Jun 2019

Co-founder at PolicyWoke (Traded Endowment Policies)

My AutoWealth account was incepted on 24 Aug 2017 with 60% equities and 40% bonds in my portfolio. On this day, my portfolio returns since inception is 7.07% in USD terms.

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I've been using for almost a year... all the while hardly went above 4%... after i set the new risk...

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