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  • Updated on 12 Apr 2018
    NTUC Income Travel Insurance has been always one of my top choices for my trips. The purchasing process was straightforward and convenient on their webpage. They also have an app - Orange travel which allows you to click & purchase. I was hospitalised with food poisoning when I was in Korea several years ago. I was reading through their policy (again) on the necessary documents they required for claiming while I was resting in the hospital. It was easy to understand with little medical jargon. Especially they will bold certain words to have your attention. When I returned back to Sg, the customer service (hotline and counter) were very helpful in assisting. The CSO (hotline) guided me where to download the forms for submission. The CSO (counter) went through the documents and ensured they are in place for review. They also provided me with a duplicated copy for my reference. The down thing is the whole process took approximately 3 months for my claim. It could be due to a higher claim as I was hospitalised and partial of the documents were in korean.
  • Updated on 13 Mar 2018
    Always bought income due to its lower premiums. Yet to claim due to mostly safe destination. All in all the good is basic protection for low premium.
  • Thou it may be cheap. However it was the slowest to process claim. It took almost 10-12 weeks to process medical claims and lost of luggage for a family trip to Taiwan in 2015. Need to made repeated calls to follow up. Even if it is free, I will not accept. I am using other insurance companies now, can't comment on their service as there is no claim yet.
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    Edward Ng
    Edward Ng

    30 Apr 2018

    Depends whether you provide the necessary evidences. If you delay & blame them, they may not be at fault. Many friends & my own family took about 1 week to receive their claim cheques. Don't understand why it took you 10-12 weeks for settlement. Clearly information maybe not forth coming.
  • Updated on 10 Jun 2018
    Cheap and easy to apply for. This is a basic travel insurance at best convenience. Do consider if you are first time traveling out of country
  • Updated on 28 May 2019
    I had my bag stolen. NTUC refuse to honor my claim because they said I was not looking at my bag when it was stolen, hence it was negligence on my part.
  • Updated on 28 Apr 2019
    During my recent trip, my parents and I encountered a delayed baggage situation where two of our three luggages were delayed. Since we took Jetstar where we had to purchase our own luggages, we bought a 2 x 20KG to be shared among the 3 of us (each of us had one luggage) and that means two of our luggages are registered under one name. Just so happened that both the delayed luggages were the ones under the same name. The first claim was simple and straightforward, insurer and delayed baggage was the same person (me). However, the second luggage that was also under my name actually belongs to my dad. In situations like that, we are generally at the mercy of insurer whether they are willing to give the benefit of the doubt even though that is the fact. While it took a little longer, NTUC Income granted my second claim without any need for appeals, arguments or whatsoever. The overall claim experience was good and hence I highly recommend NTUC Income travel insurance.
  • Updated on 10 Jul 2018
    Easy to use and if you download the Orange Travel app, all the details are saved inside. The next time I choose to buy, it's so simple!
  • Updated on 30 Jun 2018
    Purchased NTUC Income's travel insurance Deluxe plan for my trip to Thailand in May 2018. The purchasing process was simple and quick and I only had to pay a premium of $27.28 which is very affordable. Not sure about the claiming process as I didn't have to process any claims. Overall, I would consider purchasing travel insurance from NTUC Income again in the future as their premiums are priced competitively.
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About NTUC Income Travel Insurance
Product NameNTUC Income Travel Insurance (Classic, Deluxe, Preferred)

About NTUC Income Travel Classic

According to NTUC Income's website, these are the few special feature about NTUC Income Travel Classic insurance.

  • NTUC Income Travel Insurance has a 24/7 medical emergency hotline for any accident or medical emergency anywhere in the world.
  • They extend the traveller's policy automatically for the first 14 days at no extra charge should one get delayed abroad.
  • Lastly, one can apply for a policy online, through their mobile application or their hotline, for the convenience of consumers.

Cost of NTUC Income Travel Classic

Here are some of the costs that consumers might wish to take note of. The cost depends on the destination and duration of travel.

Here are the premium cost of a classic travel insurance plan from NTUC Income :

  • 1 week ASEAN: S$24.70
  • 1 week Asia: S$30.55
  • 1 week Global: S$48.10

What NTUC Income Travel Insurance covers

  • Medical: S$250,000
  • Evacuation cost: S$500,000
  • Personal Accident and Death S$50,000
  • Trip cancellation: S$5,000
  • Loss or damage baggage: S$3,000