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  • Updated on 01 Oct 2018
    MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance is easy and straightforward to use (for millennials). I used it for my trip overseas where I also lost my phone. The claiming process was amazing! Fast response from the team, just submit your document and you will receive your claimed cheque from them in 3-5 working days. The claim for the lost phone is only $500 though (maximum) and I paid $136 for that insurance so that might be the only downside. Was hoping to claim more.
  • Updated on 30 Apr 2018
    I have been purchasing from Allianz since early this year (2018). Used to buy from OCBC (Great Eastern) due to 25%/50% off premiums if you're a OCBC card holder but with all the recent spate of regional unrest (N. Korea and all) decided to grab a travel insurance with terrorism coverage. MSIG & Allianz stood out when it comes to Terrorism coverage. For comparison purposes, both insurance quote for single trip, 10 days Asean country for 1 adult below 70yo. MSIG Elite ($39 first 3 days, $5/day thereafter total $74; add in 50% discount off = $37) vs Allianz Single trip silver ($32.45 discounted price; before was $59) Allianz wins in terms of value for me because I focus more on medical expenses/theft etc.. A short comparison of benefits that matters more to me as below: Overseas emergency due to sickness/accident: MSIG $500,000 vs Allianz $1,000,000 Overseas Emergency Dental: MSIG $6000 vs Allianz 1,000,000 TCM treatment: MSIG $400 (never indicate local or overseas) vs Allianz $300 each for local & overseas Delayed luggage: MSIG $250/6hrs capped at $1000 vs Allianz $200/6 hrs capped at $1400 Loss or damage to luggage: MSIG $5000 vs Allianz $6000 (both $1000 for laptop and other effects capped at $500 each) Flight diversion: MSIG $100 vs Allianz $200 every 6 hrs Terrorism: MSIG $200,000 vs Allianz $80,000 Accidental death and perm total disability: MSIG $200,000 (non specified) vs Allianz $80,000 + 80,000 (death on commercial flight) So far I've been lucky not to use the hotline for claims but I have called them a few times to clarify on some doubts and the customer service knows their stuffs well =)
  • Updated on 14 Mar 2018
    I used to buy my travel insurance from NTUC Income because it seems to be the cheapest in the market. However I started switching to MSIG when I realise the price can be quite comparable/competitive when they offer a discount (they offer discount quite frequently). What I find specifically superior about MSIG's coverage is that baggage delay can be claimed in blocks of 6 hours when most insurers cover in blocks of 8 hours. This proved to be of value to me when I found myself experiencing a 36 hours delay in my baggage when taking MAS to Seoul. When I first arrived at Incheon Airport and found out that my lugguage was still stuck at KL airport during the stopover, I called the MSIG travel insurance helpdesk and the customer service officer was very patient to assure me of my coverage and also explain to me what I need to do in order to smoothen my claim process. He informed me that I should secure a delivery receipt with date/time stamp when receiving my luggage from MAS. I tried to do this but MAS was incompetent in providing this information despite several calls and emails to them during and after the trip. With no choice I wrote to MSIG to explain to them my poor experience with MAS and how I am unable to secure evidence of how long my delay was. MSIG to my surprise and delight, not only responded to me quickly (within a week) but decided to give me benefit of the doubt and paid out to me maximum claim for the delay ($900 x 3 pax = $2.7k). I cannot remember exactly how long it took to receive the payout in my bank account but my impression was it didn't take long. Due to this pleasant experience (albeit unpleasant travel experience) with MSIG, I highly recommend everyone to consider buying from them too. [For the sake of comparison: MAS eventually responded to me after several threats made including on social media but only after I received my payout from MSIG. What a disparity in service between the two!]
  • Updated on 13 Mar 2018
    Quite an easy onboarding process through their partner POSB most of the time. Am glad not to have put their customer service and claims in the process. So far so good.
  • Updated on 15 Aug 2018
    Truth to be told MSIG is one of the most underrated insurance companies. However their partnership with DBS just makes everything better. with their competitive pricing and informative website, it made my insurance coverage vert swift and manageable. Few clicks and i was ready for my Bangkok trip last month! Love how they always have promotions and constantly changing their visuals to keep things relational to their customers. Willluse them again in future.
  • Updated on 09 Jul 2018
    It was terrible, i'll recommend everyone to avoid it. I always purchase my via MSIG. First time I claim due to travel delays more than 6hrs. then they inisist its less than 6hrs min. It is clearly stated on the airline letters. why would I claim anything that is not applicable in the terms and conditions as my job is a contracting legal services too. I'm very disappointed. if only I can rate with no stars at all. WARNING TO ALL
  • Updated on 21 Jun 2018
    It's my first time claiming from MSIG insurance during the Vesak Day long weekend and I am very impressed by their service. My mother had nausea and high fever and I dialled the 24-hour emergency hotline first to see what steps to be taken. The operator was professional to advise to either go to hospital or call for a doctor on house call in Thailand is safe, and assured me that all will be covered by their insurance. They even offered to call me back on overseas number to save on my IDD costs too! The claims process is equally pleasant. From the submission online, calling to check if my claims are properly done, the claims officer following up on my case and finally receving the cheque to clear the payments was smooth and all done within 3 weeks. I will definitely use MSIG travel insurance (and they have good promotions time to time too!)
  • Updated on 30 May 2018
    I always bought MSIG travel insurance as they always had been promoted by DBS and they have the most competitive rates. I never tried claiming before though so I don’t know how good or helpful is their claims department.
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About MSIG TravelEasy
Product NameMSIG Travel Easy (Standard, Elite, Premier)
Personal Accident PaymentStandard: $150k Elite: $200k Premier: $500k
Medical Expenses (Overseas)Standard: $250k Elite: $500k Premier: $1mil
Cancelled TripStandard: $5k Elite: $10k Premier: $15k
Lost BaggageStandard: $3k Elite: $5k Premier: $7.5k

Read More About Why MSIG TravelEasy Is 'Best Overall Value'

If you'd like to find out more about why MSIG TravelEasy is the BEST OVERALL VALUE in terms of overall positive buying and claiming experience, as well as up to $250k for medical expenses and accidents. Read our Cheat Sheet: Best Travel Insurance Guide in Singapore.

About MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance

According to MSIG Insurance's website, below are some special features of the MSIG TravelEasy Travel insurance.

  • Daily benefit for each day of overseas hospitalisation in an intensive care unit (ICU) (only applicable in Elite plan).
  • Coverage for alternative transportation to the same destination should there be delays to the public transport due to strike, riot, civil commotion, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, breakdown of public transport pr closure of airport.
  • Terrorism coverage for unexpected terrorism event while travelling.
  • Any unused entertainment ticket will be reimbursed if the cancellation is due to death, injury or illness (only applicable in Elite plan)

Cost of MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance

TravelEasy provides different premium prices for different plans. Factors that might affect the premium price include the choice between "Standard" or "Elite", and whether the plan is for an individual or a family.

For reference, the premiums listed below are for individuals seeking a TravelEasy Standard plan:

Area A (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, East & West Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam)

  • Single Trip-First 3 days: $32
  • Single Trip-Daily Rate: $5
  • Annual Plan: $225

Area B (Australia, China (Excluding Inner Mongolia and Tibet), Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and countries in Area A)

  • Single Trip - First 3 days: $38
  • Single Trip - Daily Rate: $6.5
  • Annual Plan: $270

Area C - Worldwide including countries in Area A and Area B

  • Single Trip - First 3 days: $55
  • Single Trip - Daily Rate: $9.50
  • Annual Plan: $385

What MSIG TravelEasy Travel Insurance covers

  • Medical (Overseas)
  • Evacuation costs
  • Personal Accident and Death
  • Trip cancellation
  • Loss or damage baggage, and many more!

For more info, you can visit MSIG TravelEasy’s page here.

Contact MSIG For More Info

Tel: +65 6827 7602 (Mon - Fri, 8.45 am to 5.30 pm)

Email: [email protected]