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  • Updated on 15 Sep 2018
    FWD just came out with an app called FWD Flyer which is super convenient for one to look at their policy detail and also visit the doctor in Singapore after their travel without paying any cash. Innovative and forward looking company.
  • Updated on 02 May 2018
    Very bad experience, claimable amount was around 3k, FWD threw the case to AJAX adjuster and was interviewed and indirectly threatened by one of their staff to forfeit the case and repeatedly telling me that if i were to decide to proceed with my case, i might be subject to pay their investigation cost of over 5 figures if my claim was denied and kept telling me that my chances of claiming is very low. In the end, i decided to write to both their CEOs to demand explanation and threaten of law suit, finally they passed my case to a more professional adjuster firm to investigate for me and finally after 6 months, I've gotten my claim. Back in 2017, they also switched off their FB reviews as they have too many unhappy customers and gotten lots of bad reviews.
  • Updated on 23 Apr 2019
    I had flight postponed (12hrs) once and also got 1 cancellation (by the airlines), all while having FWD insurance. The insurance company never considered/processed my claim and provided lame excuses. Even though none of this was my fault, I had to lose thousands of dollars, while having even paid for a travel insurance.
  • Updated on 08 Mar 2019
    Used to buy FWD for most of my travels, however, will stop using them for any policies. (PA, motorcycle, travels, home, etc...) Airline had damaged my brand new luggage wheels (3 of 4) and I had put in a claim, along with SATS irregularity report and various extremely clear pictures. Also had proof of purchase from Bangkok. FWD denied the claim, simply saying that age of luggage cannot be ascertain..! While all my photos shows that it is brand new...!! Ergo, Etiqa, Direct Asia are far better options than FWD.
  • Updated on 23 Jul 2018
    Cheapest travel insurance policy available most of the time but very bad service when it comes to following up and executing on travel insurance claims. Had to cut our trip short by a few days due to a medical emergency at home. Had to forego our paid hotel bookings and thought we could claim for our return flight bookings on another airline after reading the terms and conditions in the policy. Came back and submitted our claims and it took a month without any reply. Had to keep calling the company from then onwards to check on the status. It seems all travel insurance claims are managed by a third party which led to further delays. Kept getting passed from one inept claims executive to another. After taking almost 6 months, claim was denied even after submission of medical reports from hospital and other required documents. Those who intend to use FWD better pay a few dollars extra and use other insurance companies.
  • Updated on 25 Apr 2018
    FWD has one of the easiest to use user interface which allows consumer to purchase their plan easily via their app. Pros: - Super friendly UI - Lots of available promo code (for example: travel20 to get 20% promo) - Reliable - Trustable to claim (see my story below) - Can use whatsapp to claim (did that and claim successfully before) Cons: - Mixed comments from different agent (one agent told me that we can only claim medical bill via whatsapp BUT i managed to claim other claims covered by the policy) One of my most memorable claim experience was during my trip to Hakone, Japan. I bought a 2 days pass which covers the full transportation within Hakone: ferry, bus, train, cable car etc. During the first day of the trip, it was soooo unfortunate that the cable car was not working because of volcanic gaseous around the region. The exact same thing happen when we try our luck on the second day. While on my way back to Tokyo, I've recall from the FWD travel insurance that there is a clause on travel misconnection and travel delay. Further reading to it let me realised that travel misconnection and delay is only allowed for a "public transport operator". This was commonly mistaken to be as only airfare. I have decided to try my luck to claim with FWD since Cable Car was operated by a "public transport operator" as it met the definition. When I called in and tell them I want to claim for the travel misconnection/delay, the first question the claims department asked was to produce my air ticket. After explaining to them my situation and stating to them the clause, they asked me to send in for them to review. I was so amazed that within 5 days, FWD adhered to their agreement in the travel insurance and paid me a cheque of $300 for the maximum benefit under travel delay ($100 for 6 hours, up to max $300). There was no hiding involved and the claim was very straightforward and easy. Highly recommend FWD. Pro tip: Refer your friend to get $10 for FWD new customers. The insurer also gets 5% promo. It may be good to calculate whether the 20% promo code or the $10 + 5% scheme promo code is more worth it.
  • Updated on 25 Apr 2018
    FWD has also came up top on the list for the cheapest and most value for money travel insurance and my family has been purchasing their policy for the past 2 years. Pros: - Good UI - Excellent customer service - Fast claim process Cons: - Claim is outsourced to another company (see my story below) - Claim may be a little long I bought my FWD travel insurance back in December 2017 for my family trip to Norway. Unfortunately, I've accidentally dropped my camera before departure at Changi Airport(note: it is still covered in the policy as the policy covers the minute you leave home for the trip) and sent it for repair. The camera repair shop told me that most of his customer sent in to repair. We decided to try our luck to claim from FWD. The claims department (from another department) decided to reject our claim and giving us the reason as "negligence". We know that it is our fault but it defeats the purpose of the clause "accident". I then went to re-read the clauses in each of the policy, taking note of the terms they used and the definition together with any general exclusion. What I found was that accident is defined as "unintentional", which I thought that it was just another term of "negligence". My case has also not been excluded in any of the general exclusion. I have decided to write an appeal letter to the CEO of FWD (based on what was suggested in the travel policy). To my amazed, FWD processed my claim 3 days later and told me that they will issue the cheque to my house. Around 2 weeks later, I've received the maximum payout of $300. Lesson of the day: Please read the clauses of your travel insurance policy carefully ;)
  • Posted on 01 Jul 2019
    Found this insurance after googling. This is the CHEAPEST insurance anyone should get if you are going overseas. It takes less than 10 minutes to apply for the insurance. Straight-forward and easy.
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Product NameFWD Travel Insurance (Premium, Business, First)
Personal Accident PaymentPremium: $200k Business: $300k First: $400k
Medical Expenses (Overseas)Premium: $200k Business: $500k First: $1mil
Cancelled TripPremium: $7.5k Business: $10k First: $15k
Lost BaggagePremium: $3k Business: $5k First: $7.5k