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Robo-Advisors/UTRADE Robo
Robo-Advisors/UTRADE Robo
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    UTRADE Robo

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Best Robo-Advisor Review 2020 Singapore:
Is UTrade Robo the Robo-Advisor For You?

UTRADE Robo seeks to deliver an automated fund management service that maximizes investment return for each client's risk profile, which is determined by their financial objective, as well as risk tolerance.

UTRADE is supported by a strong, dedicated research team, with award-winning analysts in place to impart the deep market knowledge clients need to navigate today's complex trading environments.

Providing seamless access to multiple products and markets in each country, UTRADE Robo's sophisticated tools and technology offer investors the capability of trading across a broad range of securities, including stocks, bonds, unit trusts, futures, options, CFDs and forex.

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About UTrade Robo

UTRADE Robo is your personal digital fund manager that allocates assets according to your goals, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Offered by UOB Kay Hian, one of Asia's largest brokerage firms, you can trade with a peace of mind knowing that they are an associate company of the UOB Group.

Headquartered in Singapore, they are supported by more than 80 branches worldwide including a growing network of offices across Southeast Asia, Greater China, the United Kingdom and North America. UTRADE's global footprint and strong international presence have enabled them to feel the pulse of key financial markets and deliver incisive intelligence across industry sectors and asset classes.

With more than a hundred years of history and distinction to the UTRADE name, they have established ourselves as a trusted financial partner to a prestigious client base that comprises institutions, large corporations, high-net-worth individuals and retail investors.

How does UTrade Robo work?

UTRADE will first get to know their investors via an online questionnaire, to understand your financial goals and risk profile.

Next, they will carefully customise your portfolio with their software, optimising it based on your personal profile.

After setting the account up, UTRADE Robo will continue to monitor and rebalance your portfolio whenever necessary.

Thereafter, how UTRADE Robo invests will be based on this 6 step flow system:

  1. Identify the set of major asset classes which are investable
  2. Select low cost ETFs to represent each asset class
  3. Use Modern Portfolio Theory to allocate among the chosen asset classes to determine the maximum expected return for a given level of risk
  4. Establish the client's goals and risk profile to assign a suitable portfolio
  5. Implement and periodically rebalance the portfolio
  6. Recalibrate the risk level for the portfolio assigned to the client as the client progresses through their goals or if the client provides updates to their goals or risk profile

Fees and Charges for UTrade Robo

  • MinimumInitial Investment Amount: S$5,000.00 per portfolio
  • MinimumSubsequent Investment Amount: S$500.00

Assets Under Management (AUM)

Fees (%)

AUM ≤ S$50,000


S$50,000 < AUM ≤ S$100,000*


AUM > S$100,000*


* The annual fee payable is calculated from the 1st dollar

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