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Phillip SMART Portfolio
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  • Updated on 13 Jun 2019
    Invested in the Growth portfolio since Feb 17. Total return currently about 9%. Highly recommended.
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    Aravin Shegar
    Aravin Shegar

    26 Aug 2018

    It's been 8 months since this comment. Just wondering how your returns have been since then?
  • Updated on 22 Jan 2018
    So simple, so easy to use. A great investment for someone who is too busy to monitor their investment. No unrealistic projections.
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Phillip SMART Portfolio

Hi anon, Depending on your definition of robo-advisor, Phillip SMART portfolio is probably one, but I have to say that the other robo advisors are more well known and marketed. Do note that ultimately, there are still humans at the back making key decisions. It's just that there is very little interfacing between the client and the company.
About Phillip SMART Portfolio
OperationsPhillip Securities Pte Ltd (A member of PhillipCapital) Co. Reg. No. 197501035Z
MethodologyDiversified portfolio of primarily Exchange-Traded Funds across geographical regions, countries and industry sectors.
Fees0.5% p.a. No upfront fee, no brokerage, no performance fee and no platform fee.
Minimum$5,000 to start

About Phillip SMART Portfolio

Phillip SMART Portfolio “SMART” is an investment service that tailors a portfolio based on your online risk analysis.

How Does Phillip SMART Portfolio Work?

SMART relies on technology and investment expertise to allow investing to be effortless for the user. SMART boasts the ease of use on their platform. From the creation of an account, funding and monitoring of the account, SMART ensures a seamless experience online. After account creation, SMART’s team of investment managers will create structure for your portfolio and diversify it by looking at different sectors all around the world. Allowing users to benefit from different prevailing economic situations.

Minimum Investment And Fees For Phillip SMART Portfolio

The minimum for investment is $5,000. SMART charges a management fee of 0.5% p.a.

Contact Info

  • Phone: +65 6531 1555
  • For more info, you can visit Phillip SMART Portfolio’s FAQ.