Sunseap Sunseap-One Fixed 24m - Seedly


Sunseap-One Fixed 24m

Fixed rate of 17.75c/kwh







*Estimated Monthly Bill incl GST
Enjoy These Deals
  • Credit Card Deals
    - Up to $40 bill rebate with UOB credit card for recurring bill payment (valid until 30th September 2019, applicable only to new sign ups)
  • Promotions
    - $60 off first month's bill using promo code SUNSEAPSV3 (valid till 31st July 2019, available only to new sign ups).
Product Features
  • Self Service Portal
    Pay, manage and track you bills and activities online.
  • Solar Energy
    Go eco friendly with solar powered electricity.
  • Mobile Tracking
    Manage your bills on the go.
  • Same SP Bill
  • Require Smart Meter
What Others are Saying
  • Updated on 29 May 2019
    Changed to Sunseap 6 month plan. I could not see any different cost of billing since SP GROUP. Like the email billing and communication though. but ultimately as consumer we would like to see some discount. not sure where the saving goes. Hope they can improve i don't mind to try again if things improve. Sorry for now....lower star grading.
  • Updated on 09 Jun 2019
    Actually, I have been a customer of Sunseap for a few months already. So far, everything has been smooth (other than the delayed responses etc) In terms of monetary savings, I cannot expect much as I signed up for 100% solar energy plan. But I knew that in mind when signing up for this plan.
  • Updated on 25 Apr 2019
    Billing was confusing. Support was non-existent. Took a month over to finally get in touch with someone. Email replies are copied and pasted million times over. Billing dept refuses to speak until fb post is made. Accorded a $20 rebate in lieu of the convenience caused. Overall, terrible experience for the hype.
Hidden Fees & Charges
  • Late Payment Fee

    1.5% per mth of total outstanding.

  • Security Deposit


  • Early Termination Charges

    Calculated as Termination rate x Remaining months in contract.

    Termination rate:
    - HDB 1/2 Rm = $15
    - HDB 3 Rm = $20
    - HDB 4 Rm = $25
    - HDB 5 Rm/Executive = $30
    - Condo = $40
    - Terrace = $50
    - Semi-Detached = $70
    - Bungalow = $80

  • Paper Invoice

    Do not provide, you may request for paper bill at $1.60/mth.

  • Other Charges

    - Charged by SP Group and other relevant authorities (e.g. special meter read, SP Group account closure charges)