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About Best Electricity

Best Electricity was founded in 2015 and as part of the Open Energy Market (OEM) aims to provide consumers with competitive electricity plans in Singapore. Today, Best Electricity powers thousands of businesses in Singapore. Ranging from small establishments to large scale commercial buildings.

Best Electricity is part of The Prime Group. A homegrown, multi-industry award winning company led by an experienced management team and founding chairman, Mr Neo Nam Heng.

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service easily

email billing

easily reached

email convenient

reached facebook

facebook email

care service

email format

format easy

easy understand

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  • Updated on 28 Sep 2018
    Very good rates as compared to other electricity provider. Helped my aunt sign up at roadshow. Sales staff very informative and also gave $30 NTUC voucher. Customer hotline easily contactable. Billing through email. Very good service. Can try. Hope faster reach Pasir Ris!! ūüĎŹūüĎŹ
  • Updated on 28 Sep 2018
    Customer service easily reached. Provides paper billing i think cheapet than most companies i asked but nvm..i think email more convenient for me.
  • Updated on 22 Sep 2018
    Cust care service can be quite easily reached via Facebook and email. Billing is only via email. Bill format is similar to SP easy to understand. Best to sign up during roadsides. Usually, they will throw in freebies like cash off for first few months and f&b vouchers.
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Huang Shuxian
Huang Shuxian
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 08 Jul 2019
It is easy to indentify, under the fact sheet there is a column stating ->Direct Billing . If it states yes then it will be seperate billing and if it states no then SP will bill you instead .

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Eric Ong
Eric Ong
Level 6. Master
Answered on 21 Sep 2019 did a great job collecting all the review. And also a collection of promo codes in this link but not sure if it's still going on

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Randy Chai
Randy Chai
Level 5. Genius
Updated on 25 Jun 2019
Hi there! If you've been following our community you would probably find that we've already covered the cheapest electricity retailer and the terms & conditions you should consider when it comes to choosing the ideal retailer. If you've yet to do so, do click on the respective links and read for your own good :) A couple of considerations beyond prices and promotions would be, services, usability and how environmentally friendly theses retailers are. So which electricity retailers are actually environmentally friendly? ! Carbon Neutral Electricity Retailers iSwitch - All of iSwitch's electricity plans are 100% green. They have this iSwitch2Green Carbon Credit Offset scheme that is applicable for both businesses and residential households. These carbon credits are issued with the aim of reducing the equivalent emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Households can use these credits to offset their use of electricity to become carbon neutral, helping you do your part for the environment! Do note that iSwitch has six electricity plans to choose from, 3 Fixed Price Plans and 3 Discount-Off-Tariff (DOT) Plan. Source: Geneco - Geneco has a plan (Get It Green Plan) that produces zero carbon footprint for a one-year period. However, do note that all users can purchase carbon credits with Geneco at an additional cost of S$0.005 per kWh, which will be reflected on your monthly bill. Which represents that If your household consumes 500 kWh per month, and you have signed up with us for a 24-month fixed rate plan at S$0.1620 per kWh, your electricity bill would be S$81 per month. If you choose to purchase the carbon credits to offset your electricity consumption at a cost of S$0.005 per kWh, you would only be paying an additional S$2.50 per month. Which is not too steep of a price to pay to reduce your carbon footprint! Do note that Geneco has a total of seven electricity plans to choose from, 4 Fixed Price Plans, 1 Discount-Off-Tariff (DOT) Plan and 2 Non-Standard Fixed Price Plan. Source: Sembcorp Power - All Semcorp Power's regular plans provide carbon offset 50 kWh of electricity per month. P.S. For every successful contract sign-up with Sembcorp Power, they claim to pledge $5 to selected charities to offset their electricity bills. Wow! Solar Energy Plans/Retailers Geneco - 100% clean solar energy plan (Get Sunny) for 18 months. However, do note that your contract will be renewed under a standard 24 months Fixed Plan. View fact sheet here Sembcorp - Unique non-standard solar energy price plan (Sunshine Plan) that provides you with green energy from 7am to 7pm only and regular energy after this period. Do note that the prices vary as well. You will pay 21.40c/kWh from 7am to 7pm and 18.65c/kWh after. View fact sheet here Sunseap has three Fixed-Price Plans and three Discount off Tariff Plans that you can choose from which runs on 1%, 50% and 100% solar energy respectively View source: P.S. You can also check out and compare reviews of all 12 electricity retailers here: I hope this will help!
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How to switch to Best Electricity?

You can sign-up for their different price plans on their website.

Will my electricity be disrupted when I do decide to switch?

No, you will not experience disruption as you would be switching retailers, not supply.

Will I still continue to receive U-Save after switching?

All eligible homeowners will continue to receive U-Save rebates. Rebates will be used to offset SP Utilities (water and gas) first and the remaining will then be used for electricity with the prefered electricity retailer of your choice.

Is there a registration charge?

No, there will be no registration charge.

Does Best Electricity require a deposit?

Yes, security deposit will be collected and retained by SP Group. Existing SP Group customers who switch retailers but use SP Group to bill on their behalf will not be required to provide an additional security deposit for their electricity account.

Do I have to switch meters if I choose to switch retailers?

No, but a one-time installation fee of $42.80 will be required if the customer chooses to install a AMI Meter.

Contact Info

Address: No.5 Benoi Place

              Singapore 629926

Tel: 6898 2020

Fax: 6862 2995

Email: [email protected]

For more info, you can check out Best Electricity’s FAQ.