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OperationsEstablished in 1973, it was amongst the first to introduce Internet Share Trading in Singapore
Stock holding typeCentral Depository Account (CDP)
FeesMinimum: $25 < 50k: 0.275% 50 - 100k: 0.22% >100k: 0.18%
Cash Upfront OptionNot available
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  • Choon Yuan Chan
    Choon Yuan Chan
    23 Reviews, 109 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 27 Jul 2018
    Limtan currently has a sign up promotion where if you do three trades in 3 months, you get $50 of rebates. In terms of commissions, the company is rather decent. It offers a 5% rebate in loyalty points to Limtan customers which I find quite good. The only downside is that its branch is only at Raffles place and to sign up for an account one has to print out the application form to sign up. For those interested to sign up, Limtan has a refer a friend promotion where both the referred and referral will get a $50 NTUC voucher each if 3 trades are made within 3 months. In my view, quite decent commission rebate and definitely one of the best sign up promotion ( provided you know what stocks you have in mind to purchase).
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  • Nigel Teo
    Nigel Teo
    1 Reviews, 1 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 21 May 2018
    reliable, easy to use! have been using Lim & Tan for over 10 years now, no regrets at all! Except for overseas trading, but that said, it's the same problem for all local brokerages, comms are too high.
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  • Vincent Foo
    Vincent Foo
    1 Reviews, 2 Upvotes
    Updated on 21 Feb 2018
    Pros: -Live charts to the minute by chartnexus which I think is the best charting software among all the other brokerages. -App is very user friendly -Gives you points which can be exchanged for cash rebates or trading tools whenever you made a transaction Cons: -Extremely little or no information on companies fundamentals and financials -Comes with limited types of advance orders like GTC and GTM, there is no SL or OCO orderss on the website platform. But you can put a stop loss via the app.
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  • Tok Yanru
    Tok Yanru
    1 Reviews, 2 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 21 Feb 2018
    has 1 of the best charting tool i've seen and used. Intuitive web GUI for buy/sell related. However, commission is pretty standard among the brokerage.
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Types of services Lim and Tan Securities provides

Lim and Tan Securities offers a few types of services on their trading platform.

  • GIRO service offers an automatic and convenient way of debiting payment from credit sale proceeds to designated bank account.

Types of account available with Lim and Tan Securities

Lim and Tan Securities offers various types of account, catered to the different needs of individual investor.

The types of account Lim and Tan Securities provide are:

  • Contract for difference
  • Share Margin Financing
  • Cash Collateralised Trading (CCT)

Brokerage fees and charges of Lim and Tan Securities

The fees and charges of Lim and Tan Securities are as follows:


  • Minimum Commission: S$25
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.275%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.22%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.18%

By Phone

  • Minimum Commission: S$40
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.50%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.40%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.25%

Other transaction charges:

  • Clearing fee imposed by CDP: 0.0325%
  • SGX Trading fee: 0.0075%

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