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Health Insurance/Prudential PRUshield
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  • easy to claim and highly recommended...rare gem in the market with low excess. No hidden terms and shady stuff!
  • Updated on 04 Feb 2020
    [Claims Process] Very fast claims process. Simply have to submit all the forms and receipts and my agent did everything for me. [Terms & Conditions] Need to be very careful with the terms and conditions. Some exclusions here and there which I didn't read carefully so I couldn't claim a few hundred. Would suggest that prudential makes its terms and conditions more reader-friendly for the layman.
  • Updated on 21 Jan 2020
    Got my son insured with Prudential since he was a few months old. Now he is 4 y.o and he has been in and out of hospital for at least 4 times. Claims were always easy and hassle free.
  • Posted on 24 Dec 2019
    I've been in and out of hospital for a couple of times. I must say that their claim process is hassle-free and very prompt.
  • Posted on 21 Nov 2019
    I had appendicitis surgery few months back and the claim process is hassle free. They offered me some token of appreciation if I help them to recover some cost from my company insurance.
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Prudential PRUshield


Health Insurance

NTUC Income IncomeShield

As mentioned, both are similar. I would recommend applying for both and await the underwriting results. I would go for the insurer who gives you the best terms. Hospitalization insurance in Singapore are regulated and insurers are very strict on underwriting terms when it comes to application. The budget should be a secondary consideration because it doesn't matter if it is cheaper if you cannot claim. The differences, pros and cons are also subject to change as they often do every 2-3 years. As such, go for the one with the best terms, whether or not the product is the cheapest in the next 10 years is secondary. Consumers are protected due to the regulation here. Click here to find out more about me!
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Health Insurance


Hospitalisation Insurance (H&S)

Prudential PRUshield

Hi Anon, Based on my understanding there is no daily hospital incentive to the insured if they are hospitalised. If the insured did purchase the premier copayment rider, there is a Immediate Family Member’s Accommodation with Child benefit. If you are looking at a daily hospital incentive, it's only applicable on the personal accident policy with the recovery benefit rider attached, hope that helps
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Health Insurance

Prudential PRUshield

AXA Shield


Yes, there may be exclusions on a new application. You can get your advisor to apply for a preliminary underwriting, but it would almost always be best to keep to what you currently have. Insurers take a lot less risk on medical policy and would more often than not, be trigger happy with exclusions.
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About Prudential

For over 85 years, Prudential have served the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans and has built its reputation today as one of the market leaders in Protection, Savings and Investment-linked plans. Awarded by Standard & Poor's, Prudential has an AA- Financial Strength Rating. Prudential was also awarded People Developer Award by SPRING Singapore in their efforts to groom and develop employees.

About Prudential PRUshield

Predential PRUshield allows you to enhance your coverage that helps to complement your MediShield Life, which is a compulsory health insurance that everyone needs to have, with high annual coverage of up to S$1.2 million for medical treatment

Note: Public Service Officers or staff at Selected Companies enjoy 10% off PRUShield premiums for the first year - Only applicable for PRUShield Premier and PRUShield Plus.

Eligibility: Singaporeans and Permanent Residents up to 75 years of Age, Foreigners up to 55 years of age

Coverage: Lifetime

Overall benefits include:

  • Inpatient and Day Surgery Benefits
    - Hospitalisation Benefits
    - Surgical Benefits (including Day Surgery)
    - Living Organ Donor Transplant Benefits
    - Overseas Medical Treatment
  • Pre-Hospitalisation (Up to 180 days) and Post-Hospitalisation (Up to 365 days) Benefits
  • Outpatient Hospital Benefits
    - Outpatient Cancer Treatment
    - Outpatient Renal Failure Treatment
    - Approved Immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplant
  • Others

About Prudential PRUshield Plans

1. PRUShield Standard

Ward Entitlement: 100% coverage on Restructured hospitals (Up to B1 class ward)

2. PRUShield Plus

Ward Entitlement: 100% coverage on Restructured hospitals (Up to A class ward)

Supplementary Plans to Add On:

PRUExtra Plus CoPay

Covers 95% of your Deductible and half of your Co-insurance, with a S$3,000 annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses if you go to a panel provide

3. PRUShield Premier

Ward Entitlement: 100% coverage on Restructured and Private hospitals

Supplementary Plans to Add On:

PRUExtra Premier CoPay

Covers 95% of your Deductible and half of your Co-insurance, with a S$3,000 annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses if you go to a panel provider. Your renewal premium is subject to claims-based pricing.

PRUExtra Premier Lite CoPay

Covers 50% of your Deductible (up to S$1,750 per policy year) and half of your Co-insurance, with a S$3,000 annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses if you go to a panel provider.