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NTUC Income IncomeShield
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  • I have been on this policy since I was a kid for over 10 years now. It is really useful and good. Easy to maintain the policy as well, since our agent dumped us sadly. Update: I just submitted a claim Just sharing the importance of insurance (and private insurance) for everyone here! Because we are in Seedly we really need to know and take action yup. I had a recent Dengue fever and was warded for 3D2N, amount worked out to be $3,505. I could go to the A&E and there was not much queueing > compared to public hospitals. :) So now I manage my own Hospitalisation plan DIY. My dad had to be warded a ton in 2016 and 17 and it was straightforward to do the claims, mainly by going down to the pop-up branches at NEX and AMK HUB to do the claims. So far, highly recommend it, the interface online is great as well. What could be improved would be the mobile app and the rewards portion... yup!
  • Posted on 11 Jul 2019
    If all your documents are correct and ready and you have the patience to wait for over a month for the claim to be settled, then the experience with NTUC Insurance can be pleasing. Keep chasing the status with your agent, if you have one, to ensure things keep moving and keep track of the status to close it at the earliest
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