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Health Insurance/NTUC Income IncomeShield


About NTUC Income

NTUC Income is the only insurance co-operative in Singapore. Established in 1970 to make essential insurance accessible to all Singaporeans, NTU Income is now the leading composite insurer in Singapore offering life, health and general insurance. As a social enterprise, NTUC Income has also pushed out initiatives such as Income Family Micro-Insurance and Savings Scheme, Special Care, Orange Aid and more.

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  • Super good and easy to claim, highly recommended to all folks. Coverage is relevant to my daily needs. [Claims Process]
  • Updated on 29 Feb 2020
    I had 3 eye surgeries in 2019 and for all 3 instances, the payment to the hospital for the surgeries and the medical claims for pre and post surgeries treatment were so effortlessly concluded. My agent was also very responsive and helpful! My policy with NTUC Income is the Enhanced Income Shield.
  • Updated on 08 Feb 2020
    [Claims Process] I’ve been a customer for over a decade. I’ve had to make claims on several occasions for inpatient treatments but the claim process has been extremely simple. Because of e-filing, a process where the hospitals send your bills to the insurer directly, my claims experience has been very pleasant and fuss-free. Because of that, I’ve also bought the same policy for my parents and the claims experience was also similar.
  • Updated on 28 Jan 2020
    [Purchase Process] It is very easy to purchase, you can apply it online and they will send you an agent to follow up. [Claims Process] I have not claim before but I hope that it will be straight forward and easy as others.
  • I have this private hospitalization plan plus rider for many years. As an NTUC income policy holder, you can install the Income app. There are vouchers, birthday vouchers and a steps tracker to get more vouchers. Never claimed before but hopefully it will be easy to claim!
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NTUC Income IncomeShield

Hi Anon, That is definitely something to look at, because after hospitalisation, it's the post hospitalisation bills that will pile up. So it would be a good thing to look at a plan that has a longer post hospitalisation coverage period. Just wondering in regards to healthcare, what are you looking at? Private or Public? If premiums are a concern, you could consider taking a public healthcare shield plan that allows your parents to be warded in a class A ward. However do note that you might want to also consider looking at a term policy for them as it would be good to have a payout to help with the bills of your elderly parents due to unforeseen circumstances. But this is not as crucial as looking into a shield plan first. Do reach out if you have further queries, in regards to public healthcare, I believe Prushield Plus + Pruextra Plus Co-pay is very affordable for those in their latter years.
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SG Budget Babe

NTUC Income IncomeShield

Hi anon, You'll want to tred carefully in this case. Your current plan does cover you for all claims subjects to the limits of the plan in terms of claim amount, etc. Any application to other shield insurers might result in a conditional acceptance or postponement (considering that shield has the strictest underwriting guidelines). This will then become an issue with application for other insurance such as CI as you will need to declare. The safer way is to stick with NTUC, attempt to upgrade to Enhanced Incomeshield with a rider, and if there are conditions placed on the policy, keep the rider only, so that your main plan still covers you for all conditions.
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NTUC Income IncomeShield

Probably none. The only difference may be who would be servicing your policy. I'd you'd like to choose, I suggest you find an NTUC advisor.
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Prudential PRUshield


Health Insurance

NTUC Income IncomeShield

As mentioned, both are similar. I would recommend applying for both and await the underwriting results. I would go for the insurer who gives you the best terms. Hospitalization insurance in Singapore are regulated and insurers are very strict on underwriting terms when it comes to application. The budget should be a secondary consideration because it doesn't matter if it is cheaper if you cannot claim. The differences, pros and cons are also subject to change as they often do every 2-3 years. As such, go for the one with the best terms, whether or not the product is the cheapest in the next 10 years is secondary. Consumers are protected due to the regulation here. Click here to find out more about me!
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NTUC Income IncomeShield

We'll need to know your age and profile. But immediately I know that this plan was bought a long time ago as NTUC has improved their shield plans to the Enhanced Incomeshield options. You may want to consider getting in that, the Advantage plan would cover government hospitals up to A Ward and the Preffered plan would be up to Private Hospital.
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NTUC Income IncomeShield


If you apply after the op, she will have to declare her health status as well as the operation. This will likely lead to exclusion, possibly a decline, but it depends on the underwriter. However, if she has had IncomeShield all this while, coverage for that will remain as it is.
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About NTUC's Products

Complementary to your MediShield Life, by applying for the following Insurance plans form Income, you are able to enhance your health insurance plans and thereby enjoying the combined benefits of both insurance schemes.

You are able to use your CPF Medisave to pay for your premiums, but there is a cap to the amount you can use for the coverage premiums of the following insurance plans, also known as the Additional Withdrawal Limit (AWL). The maximum MediSave limit you can use for the private insurance coverage varies according to age (Age Next Birthday) and is as follows:

  • 1 - 40 years: S$300
  • 41 - 70 years: S$600
  • > 70 years: $900

Health Insurance Plans

1.       Enhanced IncomeShield

Eligibility: For all Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident and Foreigners, Until 75 years of age

Coverage Term: Lifetime


  • Deluxe Care: Keeps out-of-pocket expenses on hospital bill as low as possible
  • Classic Care: Keeps your hospital bill by panel specialists affordable

(A) Enhanced IncomeShield (Basic)

Ward Entitlement: Restructured hospital for ward class B1 and below

Policy year Limit: $250,000

(B) Enhanced IncomeShield (Advantage)

Ward Entitlement: Restructured hospital for ward class A and below

Policy year Limit: $500,000

(B) Enhanced IncomeShield (Preferred)

Ward Entitlement: Standard room in a private hospital or private medical institution

Policy year Limit: $1,500,000


  • Reimbursement for pre- and post- hospitalisation expenses, incurred for eligible medical treatments up to 100 days, before and after hospitalisation.
  • Reimbursement for emergency inpatient hospital treatment expenses while overseas
  • Reimbursement for treatment expenses incurred up to 180 days and 365 after hospitalisation if the inpatient hospital treatment is provided by our panel and paid for under the Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred Plan
  • Access to a panel of private medical specialists for your medical care
  • Waive hospital deposits with a Letter of Guarantee

2.       IncomeShield Standard Plan

 Eligibility: For all Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident and Foreigners

Coverage Term: Lifetime

Ward Entitlement: Restructured hospital for ward class B1 and below

Policy year Limit: $150,000

Rider (Last Entry Age: 75 years of age):

  • Deluxe Care: Keeps out-of-pocket expenses on hospital bill as low as possible
  • Classic Care: Keeps your hospital bill by panel specialists affordable


  • Reimbursement for eligible inpatient hospital treatments such as surgical procedures, surgical implants and intensive care unit expenses
  • Reimbursement for eligible outpatient hospital expenses such as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for cancer, renal dialysis and drugs approved under MediShield Life for chronic renal failure or organ transplant
  • Waive hospital deposits with a Letter of Guarantee

3.       Co-Pay Assist Plan (Group Insurance Plan)

 Eligibility: For all Public Officers covered under the Co-payment Scheme (CCS)

Coverage Term: Depends on the company's policy

Ward Entitlement: Depends

Rider: NIL


  • Minimise out-of-pocket expenses
  • Medical Treatment Coverage - Save on inpatient and outpatient treatment expenses with the co-payment rates of up to 7.5%of eligible medical bills and up to 20% of your dependants’ eligible medical bills

4.      ElderShield 400

Note:  ElderShield 300 have been withdrawn since 30 September 2007. If your ElderShield coverage began before 30 September 2007, you get monthly payouts of $300 for up to 60 months for severe disability.

Eligibility: Auto-Coverage for all Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) with CPF MediSave Accounts from the age of 40. Alternatively, if not covered, you can apply when you are above 40 and up to 64 years of age

Premium Payment Period: Payable up to policy anniversary after your 65th birthday

Coverage Term: Lifetime

Rider: NIL


  • Lifetime coverage against severe disability - given that you are unable to perform at least 3 of the following daily living activities independently:
  • Receive monthly benefit of $400 for up to 72 months - Total of $28,800
  • Paying of premiums using Medisave account

5.      PrimeShield

Supplementary to the Basic ElderShield Plan (300 or 400) to provide greater coverage

 Eligibility: All Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) with an existing Basic ElderShield plan, aged between 40 to 64 years old

Premium Payment method: Use of up to $600 from your MediSave account (per insured person per year)

Premium Payment Period:

40 - 46 years of age: Payable up to policy anniversary after your 65th birthday

47 - 64 years of age: 20 years

Coverage Term: Lifetime

Rider: NIL

Levels of Monthly Disability Benefit:

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $1,500
  • $2,000
  • $2,500
  • $3,000


  • Higher Monthly Disability Benefit - Monthly Disability Benefit level chosen, less any payout under the Basic ElderShield Plan
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Payout, even after the Basic ElderShield Benefits have been exhausted
  • Lump-sum Benefit - 3 times your chosen monthly disability benefit
  • Dependant Care Benefit - If your child is under 21 years old, you will receive additional 25% of the monthly disability benefit, payable monthly for up to 36 months in your lifetime
  • Get Well Benefit or Death Benefit - One-time payout of 3 times your chosen monthly disability benefit

5.      MINDEF - Portable Medical Insurance


1. Servicemen

  • SAF regulars (Regulars) and full-time National Servicemen (NSF)
  • Defence Executive Officers (DXO) and Executive Assistants (DXEAs)
  • Public Officers posted to work in MINDEF

2. Dependants

  • The legally married spouse of the Servicemen not separated or divorced from the Servicemen
  • The natural, legally adopted or step-child(ren) of the Servicemen
  • Parents of the Servicemen


  • Coverage for hospitalisation, surgery and certain outpatient treatments as long as premiums continue to be paid, regardless if the service with MINDEF or SAF has been completed
  • Discounted premiums for Income's Enhanced IncomeShield and IncomeShield Standard Plan
  • Payable using MediSave