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Citi SMRT Card

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Credit Cards/Citi SMRT Card
Credit Cards/Citi SMRT Card
52 reviews


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5% at selected grocery stores







5% at selected grocery stores







Citi SMRT Card Review 2021

Here are the highlights of Citi SMRT Credit Card:

  • Rebates in the form of SMRT$ which can be used to redeem cash rebates and vouchers
  • Up to 5% off Groceries (7.3% at FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave)
  • Up to 5% off Fast food, Movies, and Coffee
  • Up to 3% off online shopping
  • Up to 2% off EZ-Reload and Auto Top-Up
  • Up to 2% off Health & Beauty
  • These rebates already include the base rebate rate of 0.3%
  • Doubles as an EZ-Link Card with an automatic top-up function
  • If your total monthly statement of retail purchases falls below S$300, the eligible rebate rates will be reduced by 0.3%
  • For Groceries, the 5% rebate will be awarded for transactions of at least S$50. Transactions below S$50 will enjoy a lower 3% rebate rate.

Find out about the card's complete host of benefits, charges, and promotions below.

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      Updated 3w ago


      Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card

      LOUSY CARD. PL AVOID this CITI bank SMRT Card. They said this card is not entitled for fee waiver which I did not know (at least when I applied for the card). No point in requesting for fee waiver. So I have to pay late charge Fee which is S$100.How can they earn money in such an awful way? Even during covid-19. I just forgot to pay the bill once for 2 days. If you were in my shoes, ask yourself pl whether you want to earn those little rebate while be penalized at S$100 at one shock. Other banks are more flexible in the fee waiver. [Hidden Terms]



      3w ago

      If there was a rating of no star, I would very likely to rate it as.


      Updated on 01 Nov 2020


      Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card

      great card! suit my lifestyle as i shop online frequently (3% rebate), and shop for groceries mainly at fairprice (5% rebate). fuss free when it comes to earning those rebate as there is not really a min spend - if you spend less than $300 for a month then the rebate percentage would be cut by 0.3%, not much diff imo.



      Updated on 17 Oct 2020


      Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card

      I like this card and company very much. Fast, easy convenient, bill paying. Also very kind and cheery staff. Everything is clear, I didnt feel sketched out at all, which is unusual



      Updated on 13 Sep 2020


      Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card

      I think this card is quite useful for fresh graduates whose spending aren't that high yet as their minimum spending of $300 is quite easy to hit. EZ-link top-up twice, it's already $100. Also, even if you don't hit the min. spend of $300, you are still eligible for 4.7% cashback. If you hit $300, you can get 5% cashback reward, so it's not too bad. The only thing is that the cashback won't be reflected in your next statement as a deduction, but rather as a SMRT cash. You have to login to your CITI account (on website, mobile app cannot) and redeem it in multiples of $10. For e.g., you have $40.23 cashback reward, you can redeem 4 x $10 (cold storage, Giant, Guardian etc etc) vouchers and they will mail you the vouchers to your mailing address for you to use it. If you can look pass this slight inconvenience, it's a good card to have for fresh graduates like myself :)



      Updated on 17 Aug 2020


      Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card

      One of the best transitlink card that gives you rebates when you travel too! It’s a necessary card with you commute alot. [Useful For...] Commuting



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      Key Benefits of Citi SMRT Card

      These are some highlights of the Citi SMRT EZ-LINK Card and the cashback benefits on offer.

      Citi SMRT Card Benefits

      What You'll Get (in cash rebates, or SMRT$) assuming


      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 5%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 4.7%
      • Valid at NTUC FairPrice, Giant and Sheng Siong

      Coffee, Movies and Fast Food

      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 5%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 4.7%
      • Valid at McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jean's, Coffee Club, Sakae Sushi, Pasta Mania, BreadTalk and Toast Box, Cathay, Shaw Theatres, Golden Village (GV) and Filmgarde

      Online shopping

      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 3%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 2.7%
      • Excludes OTAs, air tickets, accommodation booking

      Public Transport

      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 2%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 1.7% (via EZ-Reload)
      • 2% SMRT$ is awarded for EZ-Reload transactions of more than $30. 1% SMRT$ is awarded for
        EZ-Reload transactions of $30 or less. For monthly statement retail purchases of less than $300, your
        SMRT$ earn rate will be 0.3% less.

      Health & Beauty

      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 2%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 1.7%
      • Valid at Watsons, Guardian, Nature's Farm, GNC and Unity


      • For monthly statement spend >$300: 5%
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 4.7%
      • Valid at Pet Lovers Centre, POPULAR Bookstores, Toys R Us

      All Other Eligible Spend

      • For monthly statement spend >$300: -
      • For monthly statement spend <$300: 0.3%

      Citi SMRT Card: Benefits

      Individual SMRT$ Rebate Rate Breakdown

      How does Citi SMRT Card Work?

      As demonstrated above, to earn the maximum rebate rates, the total monthly spending should be at least S$300. There are further conditions in the minimum spend per transaction to earn the most rebates:

      1. Groceries : 4.7% SMRT$ is awarded for transactions of $50 and above. 2.7% SMRT$ is awarded for transactions less than $50.
      2. EZ-Reload: 1.7% SMRT$ is awarded for EZ-Reload transactions of more than $30. 0.7% SMRT$ is awarded for EZ-Reload transactions of $30 or less.

      Another caveat, is that online transactions within the stipulated category (e.g. Movies and Groceries) will still be considered online shopping and only be subjected to a maximum of 3% SMRT$ rebate, not 5%.

      Eligibility for Citi SMRT Card

      To be eligible for the Citi SMRT card, you'll have to meet the following criteria:

      • Be at least 21 years old
      • For Singaporeans and PRs: Minimum annual income of $30,000
      • For foreigners: Minimum annual income of $42,000

      Fees and Charges for Citi SMRT Card

      • Annual Principle Fee: $192.60
      • Annual Supplementary Card fee: $96.30
      • Fee Waiver: First 2 years annual fee for Basic and two Supplementary Cards; thereafter chargeable
      • Interest-Free Period: 25 days
      • Annual Interest Rate: At the prevailing effective interest rate of 25.90% p.a. subject to compounding; or 29.99% p.a. subject to compounding in the event that your account has three or more defaults~ and/or one default~ which remains unpaid for two or more consecutive months in the last 12 months.
      • Minimum monthly payment: 1% or $25, whichever is greater
      • Late payment charge: If the Minimum Payment Due is not received on or before the Payment Due Date, a Late Payment Charge of $40 will be levied.
      • Cash advance fee: $15 or 6% of amount withdrawn, whichever is greater
      • Handling fee for dishonoured cheque/payment order: $25.00, if any check or other payment order tendered as payment to Citibank is dishonoured
      • Overlimit fee: $40 will be charged on the card with highest balance on the statement billing date, if the total outstanding balance (including unbilled balance) of all credit card(s) exceeds customer’s combined credit limit on any day within the statement period.

      The Best Cash Back Credit Cards Review 2020: How does Citi SMRT Compare?

      The Citi SMRT Card offers rebates in the form of SMRT$, which can be exchanged for shopping vouchers for use at Giant, Sheng Siong, Watsons, Shaw Theatres, Popular and Pizza Hut. You can also enjoy discounts on shopping and dining transactions, among other things.

      Citi SMRT is a great card for people who always commute via Public Transport and frequent the merchants around SMRT Exchange or Public Transport Interchanges. While its rebate per month is capped at S$50/month ($600/ a year), the low minimum spend continues to make this card attractive. To fully maximise the Citi SMRT Card, there is a minimum required spend of S$300, which is a very reasonable amount. The 5% coverage on groceries and certain food outlets might not be the best, but they are still pretty decent. Overall, this card is best for commuters with a thrifty lifestyle.

      Still unsure? Find out everything you need about credit cards - including what the best credit cards in Singapore are for miles and cashback, factors to consider before getting one, fees to know, and why a good credit score matters.

      You can also pose questions (anonymously, if you'd prefer) on the Seedly Community.

      EZ-Reload vs SimplyGo: What's the Difference?

      As an aside - and if you're wondering about the differences between the EZ-Reload and SimplyGo functions - this table might serve you well.



      Automatic EZ-Link top-up upon insufficient value (default top-up: $30)

      Allows for use of contactless debit or credit card. (No need for top-up)

      No fee charges

      No fee charges

      Auto top-ups will be charged to monthly credit card statement

      Automatically charged to monthly credit card statement

      Up to 2% SMRT$ on your EZ-Reload transactions.


      EZ-Reload on Citi SMRT EZ-Link Card VS SimplyGo

      Terms and Conditions of Citi SMRT Card

      • Approximately 7 working days should be allowed for the processing of a cash rebate redemption request. The cash rebate will be reflected as a credit in the statement of account and is not to be taken as a payment in reduction of the minimum payment due, total amount due or any amount in between that is due on the Basic Cardmember’s Card account statement. The Basic Cardmember is required to settle at least the minimum amount due to avoid late charges from being billed to his Card account.
      • If the EZ - Reload By Card Facility on your Card has been activated, all refunds of the stored value remaining on the ez-link Facility (whether valid or expired) will be effected into your Card account.
      • Without prejudice to any of our rights and remedies, we are entitled to, at any time in our reasonable discretion and without giving any reason or notice, refuse to approve any proposed Card transaction notwithstanding that the total outstanding balance, if the proposed Card transaction was debited to the card account, would not have exceeded the combined credit limit.
      • You are liable for all unauthorized Card transactions, whether they are effected as a result of the unauthorized use of the Card, the PIN and/or the TBS Access Code or otherwise

      How to Apply for Citi SMRT Card

      About Citibank

      Citi Singapore established its presence in 1902, and is the city's largest foreign banking employer. In 2005, Citi incorporated its Global Consumer Banking (GCB) arm in Singapore - in what's today known as Citibank Singapore Limited. The subsidiary is wholly owned by Citigroup.

      Citibank Singapore offers wealth management products and services, including investments, insurance, deposits and treasury products; credit cards and personal lines of credit, and housing loans and share financing.