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Credit Cards/BOC Family Card

BOC Family Card

10 reviews

Bank of China Family Card

10% Cashback on Dining and Movies

    Bank of China Family Card

    10% Cashback on Dining and Movies


Highlights of BOC Family Card

  • 10% cashback on dining (local and overseas)
  • 10% cashback on movies (local and overseas)
  • 5% cashback on family club merchants
  • 3% cashback on public transport
  • 3% cashback on online shopping, groceries and hospital bills

Find out about the card's host of benefits, charges, promotions and eligibility criteria below.

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  • Updated on 20 Jan 2020


    Bank of China Family Card

    [Cashback Card] A powerful card to earn rebates for daily shopping ( groceries, online) and dining (fast food, restaurants). Despite several change in tnc, still rather straightforward to use. [Promotions and Perks] Get step up interest for BOC smartsaver account if u spend $500 per month. Sweet!
  • Posted on 23 Nov 2019


    Bank of China Family Card

    BOC a bit messed disorganized - took more than a month to get card going - almost gave up before call out of blue 3 weeks in asking for some more documents and then another week before approval letter/card received. The cashback benefits used to be quite strong but then the bank keeps on changing around requirements (witnessed two program changes in 12 months) and a hassle to use really. Gave up on first year renewal coz wavier was more trouble than it is worth.
  • Updated on 13 Jun 2019
    Well, this card is alright. nothing much i can complain about. serve as a decent credit card for casual spending monthly. 1 thing to note is that the annual fee is $230 and the fee waiver process takes at least 2 working week before you get any notification.
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    Scared Lose
    Scared Lose

    30 Jun 2018

    I wanted a bank of China card, thinking I can link it to Alipay. I was wrong. ūüėĎ
  • Updated on 13 Jun 2019
    Have been using this card for the past 6 months plus. Hands down this was one of my favourite cards which I selected after doing an assessment here: Pros: - One of the highest for dining (10%) but capped at $30 per billing cycle - Same for online and supermarket purchases which stands at 5% - Additional interest for your savings account if you are on the BOC SmartSaver account - Ideal for larger family sizes where this can be your main utility cards Cons: - They changed the min spend from $500 to $700 last month (April 2018) which kinda sucks :( - Beyond that, some of the caps include categories like dining and online at $30 each a month - This is the main reason why I am giving it only 4 stars and not 5 stars - Cashback was delayed for 2 months before and the UI on the app kinda is not good LOL - But the customer service called me up to check on the status etc which is not bad Overall, I may be switching to a miles card depending on our progress as a couple. And if my spending drops below $700 per month. But we'll see, in the meantime, it's nice to get good cashback monthly :)
    Hoon Thien Rong
    Hoon Thien Rong

    21 May 2018

    Do you know if online spending includes qoo10?

    20 Jan 2020

    Yes qoo10 qualifies as online spend
  • A new review after one year. The refused to waive the annual fee fully even though my spend is prolly above 10k per year. The still charged a total of $50 for one main and one supp card. That said, I'm still going to use it because the rebates are pretty good so far for rebates. I might stop once I change to a full points/miles system.
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Credit Card

BOC Family Card

Level 5. Genius
Updated on 25 Jun 2019
Sorry this is late but it doesn't! Payment to prepaid accounts like Youtrip is excluded. Reference: 1(b)(iii)

BOC Family Card

BOC Family Card

New to credit cards? Here's your complete guide to cashback credit cards.

Eligibility for BOC Family Card

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Income of S$30,000 and above per annum for Singaporeans and PR
  • Income of S$60,000 and above per annum for foreigners

Fees and Charges for Bank of China Family Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: S$203.30
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee:¬†S$101.65
  • Fee Waiver:¬†First year annual fee waiver
  • Interest-Free Period:¬†23 days
  • Charges for Card Transactions:¬†At the prevailing effective interest rate of 28.88% p.a. (subject to compounding if charges are not paid in full)
  • Foreign Currency Transaction Fee: 2%
  • Minimum Monthly Payment:¬†3% of the outstanding balance, in addition to: i) the total sum of any overdue minimum payment, ii) late payment charges, and iii) any amount exceeding your credit limit, or S$50 (whichever is greater)
  • Overlimit fee: S$40
  • Late Payment Charge:¬†A charge of¬†S$100 applies for outstanding balances
  • Cash Advance Fee:¬†The fee for a cash advance is S$5¬†or 3% of the transaction, whichever is greater.

Key Features and Benefits of BOC Family Card

These are some features of the BOC Family Card and the cashback benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of BOC Family Card

What You'll Get

Base Cash Rebate

0.3% if you spend less than S$800 with a cap of S$25

Family Cash Rebate

Minimum spend of S$800

  • 10% cash rebate on Dining and Movies
  • 5% cash rebate on Family Club Merchants such as Best Denki, POPULAR Bookstore, Unity Pharmacy and Watsons

It is capped at S$25 per billing cycle

  • 3% cash rebate on Supermarket, Online purchases and Hospital

BOC Family Card - Benefits

Terms and Conditions of BOC Family Card

  • 0.3% base cash rebate will be awarded on all retail transactions if the Bank of China credit card user spends less than S$800 in his/her billing cycle
  • Family cash rebates will be given after spending more than S$800 within the billing cycle
  • These are some transactions that does qualify for the cashback: payments to government institutions, payments to financial institutions, utilities payment, any form of donation, payment for parking lots, payment for cleaning, payment made via AXS and SAM
  • 0.3% cash rebate on all other spending is capped at S$25 per billing cycle

Bank of China Contact Info

  • Credit card assistance: 1800 338 5335¬†(SG)¬†or +65 6779 5566¬†(if overseas)
  • Banking and general enquiries: 1800 669 5566¬†(SG)¬†or +65 6779 5566¬†(if overseas)

About Bank of China

Bank of China is a notable bank with the longest continuous operation among Chinese banks. Formally established in February 1912, they served as the central bank till 1949. Bank of China has a well-established global service network with institutions set up across mainland China and 57 countries. They provide services such as corporate banking, personal banking, financial markets and commercial banking.

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