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  • Posted on 15 Oct 2019
    Horrible customer service. Couldn't bother to resolve the matter, more eager to close the ticket. They never resolve the matter and close the ticket. Waste time open ticket and close ticket and nothing resolved.
  • Posted on 11 Oct 2019
    Incredible speed but incredibly unstable too.. Never fails to drop signal when i streaming a video.. Changing to another provider liao, any to recommend?
  • Used it for my company after a referral from a fellow neighboring company Corporate plan wise, it's one of the cheapest. The service for setting up was pretty normal, not really exceptional but passable.
  • Posted on 03 Oct 2019
    It is expensive and there is no perks. Please havve more perks and promotions to attract customers. To have attractive packages for customers. 0 comments
  • Updated on 30 Sep 2019
    Never heard about Broadband for last 3 years in Singapore.Can anyone tell where will I find this broadband in Singapore.
    Siow Nan Wong
    Siow Nan Wong

    30 Sep 2019

    Can easily sign up online.
    Siow Nan Wong
    Siow Nan Wong

    30 Sep 2019

  • Best of the 2GB line as compared to SingTel as they don't or hardly throttle the bandwidth and gives you the full 2GB that you paid for.
  • Updated on 25 Sep 2019
    Just signed up for Viewqwest last Thursday for my new house. Called their hotline to clarify some questions, CSO is very helpful to answer all of them, explanations are clear. Prior to confirmation of my order & issue official invoice, CSO will call again and confirm your order details to prevent any misunderstanding. Email reply takes 1 working day. So far so good. Currently waiting for them to schedule and deliver the broadband.
  • Posted on 25 Sep 2019
    One of the cheapest ones out there, partially because they advertise its ease of setup which you have to do yourself. However, I encountered a problem, and had to be on the phone for about 45min or so while they sorted it out. I’m sure it’s a rare instance, but it’s irritating nonetheless. The CSO was very helpful, though. Having said all that, I would go back to my previous broadband supplier (MR), which although costing a little more per month, seems to have more reliable speeds and an overall faster top speed.
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ViewQwest Broadband

Siow Nan
Siow Nan, Electrical And Computer Engineering at Nus
Level 6. Master
Updated on 05 Oct 2019
CODE: RAFA00017462 Simply sign up with the referral code below to be input on the registration form on page 2 of ViewQwest's sign up portal!! CODE: RAFA00017462 Upon successful activation, you will receive an email acknowledgement from us confirming your $40 bill rebate. Have been using for years and so far speeds are good and unthrottled. Hassle free and responsive service team who will even help you when you call at midnight.
About ViewQwest Broadband
24-Month Plans1Gbps Raptor Gamer @ $59.90/month 2Gbps @ $59.90/month 1Gbps @ $42.50/month 1Gbps(no contract) @ $69.90/month

Types Of ViewQwest Broadband Plans

ViewQwest offers a variety of home broadband plans, both on contract and non-contract:

  • 1Gbps Fibre Broadband, no contract @ $69.90/month
  • 1Gbps Fibre Broadband, 24 months @ $42.50/month
  • 1Gbps Raptor Gamer Fibre Broadband, 24 months @ $59.90/month
  • 2Gbps Fibre Broadband, 24 months @ $59.90/month

Fees and Charges For ViewQwest Broadband Plans To Take Note Of

Here are some other charges that may be incurred on top of the monthly subscription plan:

  • NetLink Trust Service Activation Charge @ $56.71
  • Transfer of Contract to a different subscriber - same address @ $26.75
  • Re-Activation of Service after Suspension (Next Business Day) @ $79.25
  • Express Re-Activation of Service after Suspension (within 2 hrs) @ $374.50 + all outstanding amount (if any)
  • Late Payment/ Reminder Charge @ $5.35
  • Unsuccessful Credit Card Deduction @ $5.00
  • Unsuccessful GIRO Deduction @ $10.70
  • Relocation of service @ $163.71
  • No show at agreed upon NetLink Trust's FTP installation date and time confirmed by subscriber @ $160.50 (high-rise) or $288.90 (landed)
  • No show at agreed upon ViewQwest's installation date and time confirmed by subscriber @ $80.25
  • Installation of FTP/Re-wiring within premise for first 15 m residential high rise @ $160.50
  • Installation of FTP/Re-wiring within premise for first 15 m residential landed @ $288.90
  • Installations greater than 15 m @ $2 per 5m run

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