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Asked on 04 Feb 2019

Where in Singapore can I buy into Dimensional Funds?

Where to buy into Dimensional Funds in Singapore? Heard that in US need to have a FA. This probably means more fees on top of the fund fees


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Ng Lip Hong Kyith
Ng Lip Hong Kyith, Chief Editor at Investment Moats
Level 5. Genius
Updated on 18 Sep 2019

The first thing you need to make sure of is that, aside from Dimensional funds, what is the system behind this way of investing. Some systems suit you some do not.

If you have gotten past this stage, then do note that those companies who implement Dimensional funds, they do not fashion themselves as a pure investment company.

They usually see themselves as a financial advisory firm.

Endowus leans more closer to a pure access one. Their current fees is 0.60%. This is not too far off from your other robo.

The rest, such as Providend, MoneyOwl see themselves more like an advisory. This means you are not just paying for the investments but an advisor that comes with it. Is that useful. It depends. I think it is useful for a lot of people. those that are hard core DIY would see less benefits.

For those of you who wish to know not just about Dimensional funds, but the systems to build wealth using index and evidenced based funds can check out my blog post here:

Should Singaporeans Invest in Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) Funds? My Comprehensive Take

It explains:

  1. The targeted market for a group of funds like this

  2. How do we build wealth, on a high level with DFA funds

  3. Introducing the Dimensional Funds

  4. Explaining Evidence Based Investing

  5. Examining DFA Results including rolling equity expected returns data

  6. Breaking down the Cost Stack and Comparisons

  7. Explaining the Adviser’s Alpha

  8. Breaking down Dividend Withholding Taxes and Death Taxes

  9. The Case to Invest in a Global Equity and Bond Portfolio



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Kenneth Lou
Kenneth Lou

02 Aug 2019

😱 No worries man!
Mike Ferrer
Mike Ferrer

18 Sep 2019

Great answer and article Kyith, very comprehensive!
Sin Ting So
Sin Ting So, Head Of Client Experience at Endowus
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 06 Jun 2019

Dear Anonymous,

Yes as Hariz mentioned below, you can only buy Dimensional funds via financial advisors or brokers that have been approved by Dimensional. We are one of the financial advisors in Singapore that can offer access to Dimensional. You can take a look at our website here for more information.

We currently use Dimensional's World Equity Fund for our equity allocation, which is a globally diversified fund with exposure to both developed and emerging markets. The fund uses a core strategy that has general exposure to the overall stock market with a greater allocation to shares of smaller sized companies, value companies, and profitable companies. 

We charge an Access Fee on top of the fund manager fee (fund expense ratio), for investment advice, portfolio creation and rebalancing, brokerage, and transfers.

Access Fee per annum based on assets under advice (AUA):

  • 0.60%   S$200,000 and below

  • 0.50%   S$200,001 to S$1,000,000

  • 0.35%   S$1,000,001 to S$5,000,000

  • 0.25%   S$5,000,001 and above

The expense ratio for Dimensional's World Equity Fund is 0.43% p.a.



Yes, you'll require an FA or a broker that has access such as myself. Fees between the FA and clients are negotiable and usually lower if done on instruction only without advice required.