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Zaine Toh Jia Jun

Asked on 31 Dec 2019

What's the best "Virtual" bank / Prepaid Card platform that is out there?

Crypto or none crypto. Looking for perks like CashBack, and the incentive for using it?

Personally know about YouTrip, Revolut, Grab Pay, CryptoCom, WireX, Dash Pay Singtel, TenX

Is CryptoCom still the best, any on-par ones?


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Hui Wai Kit
Hui Wai Kit
Level 6. Master
Answered on 03 Jan 2020

I don't think there's a clear "best" right now, as the rates are mostly very competitive. It will come down to what you look for as additional features or perks. Currently i'm using Revolut and very happy with the ease of usage and the UIUX of the app.

I'm also excited to see what GrabPay Card has in store for the future and the launch of Nium's Amaze card.

If you're interested in MCCs you can check out what other users feel about the products here as well: https://seedly.sg/reviews/multi-currency-cards

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Zaine Toh Jia Jun
Zaine Toh Jia Jun

27 Jan 2020

Thank you so much it is very helpful, i really appreciate your effort :D