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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

What is the best way to purchase these stocks ETFs? I use POEMs. Which broker is the best and which particular ETFs are good? Can I purchase these through smartly and stashaway or auto wealth?

Im interested in buying indices etfs. In particular the NASDAQ Dow and Sand P500 ETF. I'm also interested in vanguard etfs related to world etfs and us indices etfs. How to get the best exchange rate if buying us dollar denominated etfs? I want to buy when there is a down turn like 2009 crisis.


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Is only polite to point to the same site

In addition, if you are a privilege client when the brokerage is also affiliated to your bank, you can request for lower transaction fee even when the buying position is not huge.

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Answered on 19 Sep 2018

Read Seedly comparison and user review of the online brokerage at :

Those who you get via Smartly / Stashaway / Autowealth were all Robo and they inveset in ETF, bonds, gold , cash, a mixture of stuff. You can't buy direct as they are Robo means they will manage for you. You can only adjust the risk level of your profile.

To buy indexes / ETF, you still have to go via online brokerage such as DBS vickers.