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Asked by Bjorn Ng

Asked on 07 Dec 2019

Maximising Grabpay & GrabPay Mastercard using credit cards?

Hey guys! So I have 2 questions here:

1) Does HSBC Advance qualify for Grabpay top up? says it is, I tried to calculate previously based on cashback I got, but didn't exactly got the correct amount..

2) I am currently using UOB One for my wedding banquet, 5 x $400/month. With GPMC, can I top up Grabpay using UOB One, and inform the hotel of my GPMC card details for straight $2K charge? Since I am not going down to swipe physically.. Not sure if anyone has done it before! Thanks!!!


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UPDATE: Amex Krisflyer is still giving rewards for GrabPay now, just that capped at $200 per month.

1) HSBC Advance does not seem to have GrabPay rewards. I didn't get it earlier. But i may be wrong. I see another answer here that HSBC advance do get the rewards :D

2) If the hotel can process GPMC, yes you can use the UOB One - GrabPay - GPMC - hotel. No issue with the rewards ;)

have a great and memorable wedding!​​​


Choon Yuan Chan
Choon Yuan Chan
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Answered on 07 Dec 2019

HSBC advance does.

You can try doing it. Some hotels will issue you a GIRO form and you will have to write your card details and CCV etc. This way may work because they need the details but not the physcial card. You can ask the hotel guest services about it

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Bjorn Ng
Bjorn Ng

07 Dec 2019

Hey Yuan Chan, thanks for your reply! I am actually considering to call HSBC and ask them about the cashback. Have only started using Grabpay top up in Nov, so as of now can't see if I'll get cashback (only know during end of Dec). Only have reference from 2 top ups in June.
Yanisa Koh
Yanisa Koh
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Answered on 24 Dec 2019

1) I managed to get cashback for grabpay top up.

2) Yes, most hotels allow giro cc payment.



No, HSBC Advance card does not work well with Grab.

So long as your hotel accepts GPMC, there shouldn't be any issue.

Take note that in order to get the cashback for UOB One, you need to spend either $500, $1,000, or $2,000 monthly for a consecutive billing quarter with a minimum of 5 transactions.

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Bjorn Ng
Bjorn Ng

07 Dec 2019

Hey Zhe Liang! Thanks for your response! On the HSBC portion, what do you mean it doesn't work well? Does it mean the information in is incorrect for Grabpay/HSBC as well?
Pang Zhe Liang
Pang Zhe Liang

07 Dec 2019

Hello Bjorn, the card is supposed to work as there wasn't any specific terms that states otherwise. However, there have been a couple of recent reports that the card didn't credit the 3.5% cash back (not sure how legit these reports are). So just sharing what I know. Consider calling the bank to verify and confirm. But this runs the risk of getting the card nerfed earlier than it needs to be. Hence, you make the call on what to do. 😬