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How does OCBC’s new robo-advisor compare to the other robo-advisors like Smartly and Stashaway?

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    • Gabriel Lee
      Gabriel Lee

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      Answered on 24 Aug 2018

      Fees, minimum investment & ETFs

      Fees (From 1.5 to 1%) are slightly higher as compared to StashAway (From 0.8 to 0.2%), Smartly (From 1% to 0.5%) and AutoWealth (Flat 0.5% + USD 18) depending on the amount that you're investing.

      OCBC's RoboInvest requires at least $3.5k, Smartly ($50), StashAway ($1), AutoWealth ($3k).

      OCBC's RoboInvest ETFs has a wide array of choices from different industries/categories and markets while for the other players, you just choose the risk index and the ETFs available have been pre-allocated/chosen.

      Refer to Seedly's comparison between the 3 robo-advisors, namely, StashAway, Smartly and AutoWealth

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