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11 Jan 2021


Should I diversify my investment across different robo-advisors?

I'm the conservative type when it comes to investments, I prefer locking away a lump-sum to invest for a period of time. I've already put $10k into Endowus last year, and I'd say the gains seem quite ok (I don't monitor it)
I am thinking of putting another 10k for investments, should I continue with my current robo-advisor, or should I try out another robo-advisors that focus on other aspects (e.g. ETF, REIT)?
Is it recommended to diversify among robo-advisors?

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11 Jan 2021

Hi there! That's a good question. One way to approach this would be to consider what your current investments entail and see if you'd like to further diversify your holdings.

If you're currently invested in stocks and bonds, you may want to add some REITs exposure. Syfe's REIT+ portfolio could be an option to consider.

It contains 20 Singapore REITs and tracks the iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index. If you'd like to create a passive income strategy, the REIT+ portfolio can help.

For more personalised recommendations, please feel free to speak with our friendly wealth experts for a complimentary consultation! I hope this helps :)​​​

It depends on what you plan to invest in.

For myself, I invest in Autowealth for global exposure and capital growth, and in Syfe REITs to mainly hedge against currency risk.

However, if Endowus contains the securities you need, I don't see a strong reason to invest in another robo-advisor, you are simply paying more fees.

No you should not, focus on one robo will do. Each robo itself is very diversified already, so focus...

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