facebookDo you invest via multiple robo-advisors or do you just stick with one? If you are the former, how and why do you diversify across the multiple robos? - Seedly


11 Sep 2020

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Do you invest via multiple robo-advisors or do you just stick with one? If you are the former, how and why do you diversify across the multiple robos?

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27 Feb 2021

Noob at Idiots Invest

Pls read Randy's answer! Very concise and incisive.

I use just one platform because I identify with their investment philosophy, I'm convicted that my funds are safe there and I'm happy to let them manage my money solely.

Some would diversify across multiple platforms to minimise platform-specific risk. It's a good consideration but if you understand how the platform handles your money and can sleep at night knowing that your funds are safe, there's no need to diversify across platforms just for the sake of it.

Unless you find another platform can diversify into other asset classes for you, buying the same asset classes through different platforms is like going NTUC to buy Colgate, going 7-eleven to buy Colgate, then going to Sheng Siong again... to buy more Colgate.

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27 Feb 2021

Financial Analyst at

Well, we invest in asset classes and stuff that we have conviction in, not in robo companies. So i dont diversify for the sake of limiting counterparty risk (in case they default or something). They are important but it does not drive my investment decision.

For me, I use stashaway for equity and syfe reit+.


11 Sep 2020

Life Alchemist at School of Hard Knocks

I stick with one - Endowus. Just CPF-OA. Because the cash are in the stock markets already.

Stashway, kristal.AI, etc. are in US ETFs. If you want, you can also buy them on your own - not US ETFs but Irish-Domiciled ETFs (lower withholding tax). Just that it's a bit of hassle to DIY DCA. You will need the discipline to do it for years.

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I think it really boils down to what are your requirements(goals,risk appetite,duration etc). What do you want to achieve? what are you willing to risk?

I have tried both SA and Syfe.

I started with SA 36% index about a year before COVID and currently its giving pretty decent returns.

Subsequently, I tried Syfe due to their more focus portfolio. e.g equity100for global equities diversification (pure equity,no bonds,no gold etc) or their REITS portfolio (focus on SG reits).

Another reason I decided to try SYFE was because i felt that SA options are "too safe" for my liking.

Overall my experience with both platform are about the same, both are simple straightforward clean interface and AMAZING support(dont underestimate the power of whatsapp support)

Personally, I dont find diversifying across multiple robos to be anymore advantage vs sticking to a single robo since both portfoilo are made out of ETF which are already diversifed. only real reason to have multiple robos is maybe you dont have confidence in them​​​

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Teo Wei Keat

10 Sep 2020

Biomedical Sciences at La Trobe University

For me, I am currently trying out StashAway, Syfe and Endowus by depositing regular sum into them.


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