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Tan Choong Hwee

Solutions Specialist at Providend

02 Jul 2021



Mid Year Performance Update on My Robo War Experiment

I have started a Robo War Experiment since Jan 2021. Did a small lumpsum investment into Endowus Equity100, Syfe Equity100, and StashAway SRI36% in Jan, then monthly DCA starting from Feb, and intend to continue until at least Dec 2021.

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Request your advice, comments on Tokio Marine GoTreasures for my total premium of 36K with policy term for 10 years?
This is an ILP that without insurance charges for death coverage .
Thank you so much for your guidance!

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I like Stashaway- they are 'active' managers of passive funds. I am happy that they have strong beief on KWEB- that's what is required from an advisor- else one should do DIY. Their UI interface, internal fund transfer, info on funds deployment adn pricing is very good.

I am an investor in Syfe- hughhhhh- it's a college project- internal portfolio transfers take ages- even Syfe100 portfolio allocation is not streamlined- can't ever know what price QQQ was invested in (you need to backcalculate), they even avoided my query on Estate taxes when asked in online webinar- I personally can't use it for wealth accumulation- will be taking out all money soon.

I have been very kenly looking at EndowUS because of FundSmart. Now their Core advised portfolios (Dimension, etc) are even unable to beat S&P500- so not sure if I will touch it with even a long pole. My worry is building my own portflo in EndowUS is costing me up to 1.5%. All fandago of trailer fees etc- but bro a customer is paying 1.5%!!!!! The only reason I am looking at EndowUS is because of UCITS Unit rusts and better estate planning. I may bite the bullet on fees because its easy to create wealth without worry- second with USD 100 I can touch upto 8 unit trusts.

I am still unsure of DIY via IBKR as UCITS ETFs are not fractional.

Hi, All. Just curious, where to find the annual return chart of Stashaway product ? Couldnt find anything about it. Appreciate that if someone can share the direct link here. I have signed up for both Syfe Equity100 and Stashaway 36%, would like to compare their performance.

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For S&P 500 and MSCI World, it seems that you have used the price index level (in USD term) itself to calculate its returns.

For apple to apple comparison, you should use Total return index (in SGD term) instead.

That should give you a a higher return figure for both benchmarks (likely to be higher than all robos u have listed) after taking into account dividend payout and the appreciation of USD against SGD since beiginning of the year.

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Tan Choong Hwee

23 Jul 2021

Solutions Specialist at Providend

Top 10 composition of Syfe Equity100 includes MCHI and KWEB.


PS. posted image here for @Pengfei ...

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