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  • Lost my mobile phone and wallet due to theft. Made a police report with the local police station, came back SG and applied for claim. Etiqa got back to me in about a month and credited me with the amount promptly
  • Updated on 16 Jun 2018
    Bought a couple of times, the online application is such a breeze! Pricing is affordable and pretty competitive. I am most impressed when my automated flight delay claim was approved without even me submitting any document!!! I got an sms within 24 hours after I arrived in Singapore that my travel delay claim has been processed. Saves me a lot of headache and hassle to submit document from the airline! 5 stars. My 4 stars rating is due another medical claim which I waited for nearly 2 months to get approved after a trip back from China. The amount is quite small but took quite a long time to process - the customer service officers told me that period they have a huge amount of claims to process... so... but still. It could be improved.
  • Recently I bought travel insurance with Etiqa for my Finland trip from 9 June to 16 June. I'm really impressed when they message me and said they will monitor the flight because there was a delay. This is the first time I received a message from a insurance company regarding flight delay even without me informing them!
  • Usually the cheapest no-frills travel insurance. Buy via comparison site such as gobear for best promotion.
  • Highly recommended for the reasonable price and ease of making claims. My go-to insurance agent for all my travel insurance needs for a few years now and have recommended their services to my friends and relatives. Their Tiq connect platform makes it easy to buy plans, check them, make claims and get paid through their ewallet, all from one simple location. What makes it better than the rest is the ease of making claims, all done online and no fuss, making it one of the best agents in my opinion. For a few occasions where I needed to make claims, the application was approved within 5-6 hours of submission. Payment is received either via Tiqconnect ewallet almost instantly at the point of approval, or via cheque sent around 1-2 weeks later. So fast and efficient. They also have regular promo codes which makes it highly competitive. I have made comparisons with a few providers and found them to be the best with the lowest premium rates and good coverage. Thanks etiqa insurance! :)
  • I'm writing from my experience buying it on line. Easy to buy, simple and a non brainer. Price is also attractive and the coverage is very good for the price. I cannot comment on the claim process because the trip was smooth and without incident and i hope i never need to file any claim. cannot give 5 star because i cannot comment on claim process but based on the experience i've buying i believe should be hassle free and easy
  • I’m impressed especially with the Etiqa ewallet. It enables me to receive claims as quick as lighting! I submit a straight forward claim at 11am. Claims was approved by 2pm. And the claimed money was in by the next day morning in my ewallet! It was really easy and efficient. No questions asked as long as u produce requested documents. It was a breeze with the online portal. However just one mini inconvenience. I couldn’t upload my files on the mobile web version though. Also! Etiqa insurance coverage extends to grandparents for their policy for travel inconvenience. My grandma was very ill previously that I had to stay in SG. Very thankful that I bought the travel insurance from etiqa once I purchase my flight. I manage to claim my flight and accommodation paid. The process was seamless! Consumers like myself could really save time on answering repeat questions from different persons or going through many emails to ensure the claims get through. Kudos to Etiqa!
  • Last October, my flight got delayed for 16 hours. Thankfully I bought travel insurance, and even more thankfully, I bought it from Etiqa because I received my flight delay payout really quickly! The reporting process was easy and my request got approved in 2 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that I can receive the payout via PayNow. My friends were still waiting for updates from their insurer and I have completed the whole process. Since then, I have been buying my travel insurance from Etiqa (because I know if I experience flight delay, I’m covered and the reporting process is seamless). Thumbs up!
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About ePROTECT travel / Tiq Travel
Product NameTiq Travel Insurance
Personal Accident PaymentEntry: $150K, Savvy: $300K, Luxury: $500K
Medical Expenses (Overseas)Entry: $200K, Savvy: $500K, Luxury: $1mil
Cancelled TripEntry: $5K, Savvy: $5K, Luxury: $10K
Lost BelongingsUp to $250 per item, pair, or set of items

About Tiq Travel Insurance

According to Tiq’s website, these are the few special features about Tiq Travel Insurance.

  • Real-time auto flight delay benefit upon 3 hours of consecutive delay
  • Covers pre-existing medical conditions
  • Immediate travel claims encashment via PayNow
  • 24/7 emergency hotline 

Cost of Tiq Travel Insurance Entry Plan

Here are some of the costs that consumers might wish to take note of. The cost depends on the destination and duration of travel.

Here are the premium cost of a basic travel insurance plan from Tiq Travel Insurance:

  • 1 week ASEAN: S$21.45
  • 1 week Asia: S$23.65
  • 1 week Global: S$35.75 

What Tiq Travel Insurance covers

  • Medical: S$200,000
  • Evacuation cost: S$1,000,000
  • Personal Accident and Death: S$150,000
  • Trip cancellation: S$5,000
  • Loss or damage baggage: S$2,000