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AIG Travel Guard Direct
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  • Best travel insurance ever I’ve purchased. Just claimed for my baggage delay’s compensation within a week.
  • Updated on 13 Jun 2019
    I had a complimentary travel insurance with AIG from Citibank Premiermiles in the past (about 1/2 years ago). The claim process was so long and they were very unprofessional in handling the claim when they know that it is a complimentary travel insurance. I have to call in several times, getting pushed to different departments before getting my answer. When I submitted my medical receipts for processing, no reply was given from AIG and my claim was left hanging. I have to call the staff 2 weeks later, which they claim that they did not receive until I make some noise before they suddenly "found the receipts" and process the claim. Complained to the staff but doesn't seem to have any impact/updates from them thereafter.
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    JianHao Soo
    JianHao Soo

    13 Mar 2018

    For those who wish to rely solely wish to rely on the complimentary travel insurance for claims, do note that the coverage for such policy is much lesser than the travel insurance. (e.g. no emergency callback claims; no compassionate claim).
  • Updated on 19 Oct 2018
    Their United Network Free Wi-Fi is a joke! can't use at all! I was travelling to Phuket and expect to use it when I'm there. can't find any hotspot to connect. Don't ever buy it. I paid for the Supreme (the most expensive package). The Mobile App keep hanging on my phone.
  • Easy to apply as it is found in all AXS, Booking Platform is neat and i can use my promo code for discounted rate.
  • Updated on 15 Mar 2018
    On their annual travel plan the last few years... made a claim once for stolen items and had almost full amount compensated. Process was straightforward and quick!
  • Updated on 14 Mar 2018
    Buying a policy is buying a contract! AIG may sell one of the most expensive but in between the policy year, they don't add in new terms. Fastesr claim among the rest and can get paid within 7 working days
  • I travel quite a bit and i am a careless traveller... lol. Once, i lost my passport and had to reschedule my flight. I panicked and called AIG (which i got an annual plan) and the customer service helped me to change my tickets immediately without any additional cost (note: i was a student then and got the tickets from STA travel and it was a low cost, no change open jaw kinda ticket). I was sold on AIG immediately :) To be fair, i also tried others- MSIG was easy for claiming the loss of personal belongings (a camera to be exact), but not for flight delays ( in one of the tour group, the only guy that got MSIG didn't manage to get the delay payout after months whereas those of us with AIG got it in a month), directasia insurance sees to claims but doesn't provide much help if you get into a fix overseas and the wise traveller is a newbie onboard that also provides freebies like cheaper hotel stays/ local discounts :) i also got AXA, QBE, fwd and etiqa for short trips before- but nothing has really happened so i can't comment!
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About AIG Travel Guard Direct
Product NameTravel Guard® Direct
Personal Accident Payment$100,000
Medical Expenses (Overseas)$200,000
Cancelled TripMax $5,000
Lost BelongingsUp to $500 per item, pair, or set of items
Types of Plans One-Way Plans Return Trip Plans: Basic, Standard, Enhanced, Supreme

About AIG Travel Guard® Direct

Here are some key benefits from AIG’s Travel Guard Direct:

  • Unlimited emergency medical evacuation
  • Enhanced one-way single-trip plan
  • 24/7 in-house global assistance and emergency internet use
  • Cover for leisure sports
  • Reliable and responsive claims
  • Options for cruise vacation benefits

Cost of AIG's Travel Guard Direct:

AIG’s Travel Guard Direct caters to different needs. The policy is priced according to destination, duration and age so you can benefit from more accurate, effective pricing based on the risks involved.

There are 4 Return Trip Plans available – Basic, Standard, Enhanced, and Supreme.

An optional cruise rider for Enhanced and Supreme plans is available.

Optional rider for your insurance plan is available. This option is only available for the Supreme and Enhanced return trip plans.

For each policy’s details, you can check out this page.

Good To Know

  • These plans are only eligible for those who depart from Singapore.
  • These plans are for residents of Singapore.
  • These plans are applicable for all ages.
  • The maximum period of coverage for a Return Single-Trip Plan is 182 consecutive days
  • The maximum period of coverage for One-Way Single-Trip Plan is one trip during the policy and ends once you arrive at your first overseas destination, this excludes transit countries.
  • The maximum period of coverage for Multi-Trip Plan is 90 consecutive days for each overseas trip.

You can visit AIG Travel Guard’s website here.