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OperationsEstablished in 1975, Phillip Securities and its affiliated companies have since grown into an integrated financial group
Stock holding typeCentral Depository Account (CDP)
FeesMinimum: $25 < 50k: 0.280% 50 - 100k: 0.22% >100k: 0.18%
Cash Upfront OptionMinimum $10 or 0.12% whichever is higher (until 30 June 2018)
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  • Jasmine Tsoi
    Jasmine Tsoi
    10 Reviews, 37 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 28 May 2018
    Good prepaid account fees as compared to other platforms. Have used it for a while to buy dividend stocks (ie. STI index), simple to put in orders. They also offer free investment classes monthly at their different outlets where you can learn more about how to use the Phillip POEMS platform, or other beginner investment knowledge.
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  • Stefan Saw
    Stefan Saw
    8 Reviews, 13 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 23 May 2018
    You can trade it for every shares you got however, the website is too complicated. There were missing functions and you have to find it yourself. There were too many steps. Not user-friendly
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  • Junda
    5 Reviews, 13 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 21 Feb 2018
    PROS: - Zero commission for unit trusts, but I believe this is promotional, so enjoy while it last. Obviously they are fighting with FSM. Without this carrot, I will totally not use POEMs. CONS: - Worst website even with a 2.0 revamp in 2017. Very confusing, even for a simple action of withdrawing cash back to your bank. - To terminate a RSP, I have to submit a physical form
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  • Siti Putri
    Siti Putri
    1 Reviews, 81 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 20 Feb 2018
    I used 4 other local brokers before switching to POEMS around 1+ years ago. Pros: Can trade in much more overseas exchange markets especially in Southeast Asia. Allows multiple asset class access besides Equities. Such as CFD, FX, Unit Trust and Insurance. Allows keeping multiple currencies deposit and pays slightly higher interest than banks. The fees are reasonable. Have more reports, analysis, better charting tools. Allows Advanced Order types such as Stop Loss, Market Limit etc, which is crucial but are not available in those 4 other local brokers I have used. Can choose CDP account or Cash Account, which allows cheaper fees. Cons: The platform takes time to get used to. Not as user-friendly to navigate and somewhat messy. Occasionally it takes time to load and hang. I am still using POEMs for SGX-listed and Southeast Asia-listed shares. Otherwise for other markets, I still prefer my other overseas broker due to more cheaper fees
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  • Soon Xiaohui
    Soon Xiaohui
    3 Reviews, 101 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 20 Feb 2018
    I started my investment Journey with Poems first around 10 years ago before I switch platform Pros: Allows you to trade, different type of investment assets Cons: Poor user interface, currency are not converted automatically Re-visited it 3 years ago, open account under my friend's name. After going through its interface again, the same problems still remains. Therefore I did not use it, prefer my foreign brokerage accounts 🙂
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Types of account available with POEMS Phillip Capital

POEMS Phillip Capital offers various types of account, catered to the different needs of individual investor.

The types of account OCBC Securities provide are:

  • Basic Trading (Cash) Account
  • Securities Financing Account
  • Securities Borrowing Account
  • Leveraged FX Account
  • Futures Account
  • Equities Plus Account

Brokerage fees and charges of POEMS Phillip Capital

The fees and charges of POEMS Phillip Capital are as follows:


  • Minimum Commission: S$25
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.28%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.22%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.18%

By Phone

  • Minimum Commission: S$40
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.50%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.40%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.25%

Other transaction charges:

  • Clearing fee imposed by CDP: 0.0325%
  • SGX Trading fee: 0.0075%

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