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  • Updated on 17 Aug 2018
    intuitive trading platform and pretty easy to use. if all else fails, call in to the brokers and they are helpful enough to execute the trade on your behalf at the same commission as you trade online. happy with my experience so far
  • Updated on 18 Jun 2018
    Been with CIMB Securities since 2014. I started using this platform during a stock challenge organised back during school days and really liked the platform since then. Pros: - Numerous indicators and up to date information for both technical and fundamental analysis - iBillionaire app that gives retail investors visibility to trade patterns of big players in the market - Brokers that send updates and outlooks several times a week Cons: - Fees not exactly the cheapest in the market but still reasonable
  • Has Stock Filter that allows filtering based on Fundamental Analysis (e.g. PE Ratio, Return on Equity). Has iBillionaire that shows what stocks the Big Boys are buying and selling in real-time. Highly recommended!
  • Updated on 28 Mar 2018
    CIMB securities has been great. Has a no of features e.g I-screeners as well as the trade queues that I used as reference.
  • Updated on 27 Mar 2018
    CIMB trading platform is one of the feature rich platforms I have used and to my experience their trading tools features fits all kinds of investors from sophisticated to novice investors. Market Streamer on ITradePro platform is a wonderful tool for sophisticated users to know various events like gap up, gap down, block trades etc during live trading hours. It's customizable layout supports multiple market depths, charts and many features to be arranged in single view for quick view, analysis and trading. I*Screener allows to screen through stocks across many exchanges based on technical and fundamental analysis with easy to understand stars and risk dial. It also signals the stocks that are recently upgraded and downgraded. Supportive and friendly customer service staffs.
  • Updated on 24 Mar 2018
    I opened trading account with CIMB Securities at My Village mall 1 year ago and have did a few trades through the broker in Singapore market. I have chosen them because they have good promotion (50% com rebate for Singapore market) and they also provide free US live prices for newbie. The representative is very professional and assist me on my queries when I call in for assistance. I had also attended the iTrade platform & mobile application seminar. As I am a newbie to investment I have learn a lot from them. Such as how to look at chart, find fundamental info of the companies and using their feature stock filter to gather high dividend stock within split second. The platform is good but if they can enhance the mobile application to provide historical trades data it will be good so I will not need to depend on the itrade website. My overall experience with them is good. Please keep it up and I look forward for more upcoming features that can help in my investment.
  • Updated on 23 Mar 2018
    I like itrade because it has many good features such as i-filter which filter big block trades , i-screener which rates stocks on 17 exchanges and iBillionaire which shows you the portfolio of 15 billionaires own. Lastly itradepro an adavance trading platform which allows trader to customise layout, up to 6 screen vision, single click action and lightning order submission. This is a world class and decision making platform. Keep it up CIMB Securities!
  • Updated on 23 Mar 2018
    cimb securities has the best service! efficiency and convenient platform! have been with them for past 3 years and service is still the same. as good!
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About CGS-CIMB iTrade
Product NameCGS-CIMB iTrade
Stock Holding TypeCentral Depository Account (CDP)
FeesMinimum: $25 <$100k: 0.18% $50 to $100k: 0.22% Up to $50k: 0.275%
Cash Upfront Option$18

Types of services CGS-CIMB iTrade provides

CGS-CIMB iTrade CIMB Securities offers a few types of services on their trading platform:

  • GIRO service offers an automatic and convenient way of debiting payment from credit sale proceeds to designated CIMB bank account
  • Electronic payment for shares (EPS) feature where investor can conveniently pay for their Singapore shares investment at ATMs or through their iBanking account

Types of account available with CIMB Securities

CIMB Securities offers various types of account, catered to the different needs of individual investor.

The types of account CIMB Securities provide are:

  • Basic Trading (Cash) Account
  • Young Investor Programme
  • Corporate Account
  • Securities Borrowing Account
  • Margin Trading Account

Brokerage fees and charges of CGS-CIMB iTrade

The fees and charges of CIMB Securities are as follows:


  • Minimum Commission: S$25
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.275%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.22%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.18%

By Phone

  • Minimum Commission: S$40
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.50%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.40 - 0.50%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.25 - 0.50%

Other transaction charges:

  • Clearing fee imposed by CDP: 0.0325%
  • SGX Trading fee: 0.0075%

Contact CIMB Securities

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