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  • Updated on 10 Jan 2019
    Signed up for this card 3 years back to get a free luggage. After that i paid for part of my lasik surgery with it to use up the credits upon signup. Then i redeemed whatever rewards i could w the points accumulated and left it there to collect dust. Cancelled it the next time they charged me annual fee. But if you're somehow alr using a HSBC card, pls look in your inbox for a promo code to get the Entertainer app for free!
  • Updated on 18 Sep 2018
    Used to own this card for many years back. Last time sign up for the gifts and cash back. After this, don't have much benefits and deals anymore and they don't keep up with competitors too. Thus unless they have good gifts that you wanted, there's seems no reason to apply or own this card.
  • Updated on 30 May 2018
    Used to hold this card, nothing fantastic and signed up due to bank promotions. Regretted it and hope my review will prompt the rest to think twice!
  • Updated on 26 May 2018
    Nothing fantastic. The cash rebates for supermarket and dining etc have been outshone by the BOC Family Card. I dont see a point to use this card frequently unless there’s a specific HSBC promotion with the retailer or airline.
  • Updated on 26 May 2018
    Used this card before. While online expenditure and dining rebates are decent, the card has been bested by BOC Family card. Other than the discounted Golden Village movie tickets which is far better than any other bank's credit cards or rebates. This card dosen't have much to shout out.
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Dominic Chang
Dominic Chang
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 07 Jun 2018
Depends. You can look into BOC Family card. 10% on Dining, 5% on online shopping. However minimum spend is $700 so you will be putting everything onto your card expense.



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Bang Hong
Bang Hong
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 20 Jul 2018
If your spending on CC is huge, converting to miles is typically what people do if they have intention of getting a biz flight or first class. You can refer to other articles write up on the calculation. For economy class the ratio is not that worthwhile comparing to biz/1st class. In summary, yes, converting CC points to miles is good only: 1) High spending on CC ($xxxx per month) 2) Redeeming Biz or First class. my 2 cents.
About HSBC Revolution Card
Card NameHSBC Revolution Card
Rewards RateOnline, Dining, Entertainment: $1= 5X Points All other spend: $1 = 1X Point
Points to Value Conversion1 Point = 0.4 Miles
HighlightsOnline and Entertainment purchases

Fees and Charges for HSBC Revolution Card

  • Annual Principle Fee: $150
  • Annual Supplementary Card fee: Free
  • Fee waiver: Available
  • Interest-Free Period: 20 days
  • Annual Interest Rate: 25.90%
  • Minimum monthly payment: 3% or $50, whichever is higher
  • Late payment charge: $55
  • Cash advance fee: 6% or $15
  • Overlimit fee: $40

Eligibility for HSBC Revolution Card

  • 21 years of age
  • Singaporeans and PR; Minimum annual income of  $30,000
  • Foreigners; Minimum annual income of $40,000
  • Or a minimum Fixed Deposit of $10,000

Key features of HSBC Revolution Card

  • Earn 5X rewards on selected dining, entertainment and online purchases
  • $1 = 2 miles
  • No minimum spend
  • Earn 1X rewards on all other purchases

Terms and conditions of HSBC Revolution Card

  • The following transactions will not earn you reward points: fund transfers, financial charges and late charges. For the full list, please visit HSBC’s T&Cs.
  • Reward points cannot be transferred.

 For more info, you can check out HSBC Revolution Card’s page here.