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Asked by Johnny Ong

Asked on 07 May 2019

What is fixed ohm and month ohm?

I have a question for Ohm energy


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Brennan Lee
Brennan Lee
Level 3. Wonderkid
Updated on 07 May 2019

I don't think there is such a thing as month ohm. Should be typo error or autocorrect from Market Ohm.

How does Fixed Ohm work? It’s a Price Plan that guarantees you a fixed electricity rate (cents/kWh) throughout a fixed Supply Term. Your monthly electricity bill will be your electricity usage multiplied by your contracted fixed price during the Supply Term. Should you decide to terminate your Agreement before your Supply End Date, there will be a charge an Early Termination Fee.

How does Ohm Discount work? We take the SP Group Regulated Tariff, apply a discount, and give you the resulting electricity rate (cents/kWh). Do note that SP Group’s tariff changes quarterly, while our discount rate (%) is fixed throughout your Supply Term. Right now this is the best plan from Ohm at 25% discount.

How does Market Ohm work? You pay Wholesale Rates for your electricity. In the electricity market, the Wholesale Rates vary every half hour, so the electricity rate ($/kWh) that you pay will change as well. The price is publicly available here. It is the price that all generators receive, and all retailers pay. If you choose Market Ohm, we pass the Wholesale Rate to you without a mark-up. You’ll also notice that we charge a small monthly fee ($). This is just a little something for us to look after you. This fee may be adjusted from time to time, but we’ll let you know 10 business days in advance if a change is about to happen. And in keeping with being completely transparent with you, we’ll include a complete price breakdown of your Third Party Charges in your monthly electricity bill.

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