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Updated on 24 Apr 2019

Thoughts on the recently launched Moneyowl's bionic investment platform compared to established robo advisors. ?

In terms of fees, portfolios, etc.


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MoneyOwl uses funds provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors to manage clients monies.

The fund expense ratio is about 0.35%. MoneyOwl charges a advisory fee of 0.65% pa (promo of 0.5%) for their launch. They use iFast as the platform fee. This is an extra 0.18% pa.

Check out Investmentmoats article on "Should I invest in DFA funds" for a breakdown.

Similarly, other Independent FAs may also distribute DFA funds and EndowUs is another provider of the same funds but uses PIMCO for the bond portion of the portfolio.



I cannot attest to the funds performance but there is one main attractive point.

Lower barrier to entry. Minimum monthly contribution is a mere $50!! That is really low barrier for almost everyone. Endowus which also uses Dimensional funds require an upfront $10k.