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I feel like everyone takes advantage of me at work because I'm nice. Should I change my behaviour to stop people from giving me undesirable tasks?

I usually don't mind, but what really triggered me was me colleague asking me for her to key in some data (easy, but time consuming), because she was rushing on another thing. I was busy as well, but agreed to help as she seemed really stressed. Halfway through it, I got up to go to the pantry and saw her standing around chatting with other co-workers. This isn't even under my jobscope.

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    • Daniel Lee
      Daniel Lee, Growth Marketing Lead at Seedly
      23 Answers, 67 Upvotes
      Answered on 28 Nov 2018

      "saw her standing around chatting with other co-workers"

      Yeah see, now that's where the line is crossed. There is no issue with being nice and helping out a co-worker that requires the assistance. But if it gets to the point where they are starting to take advantage of your kindness, it's time to put your foot down and reject requests to help if your hands are already tied.

      You could try to talk to them and explain that you are already busy with your own workload and wouldn't be able to help out. If need be, try talking to them about the issue, and that it's not cool of them to be doing that.

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    • Tan Chin Yu
      Tan Chin Yu
      3 Answers, 7 Upvotes
      Answered on 30 Nov 2018

      You could politely mention that you’re happy to help out after you’re done with your current work as you’re quite loaded with work your end as well. This way, you maintain your helpfulness while ensuring the priorities will remain your own work. Kindness is a virtue and you should not let this change. Just need to say no sometimes and be kind towards yourself as well.

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    Tiffany SQ
    Tiffany SQ
    12 Answers, 27 Upvotes
    01 Dec 2018

    For ur situation, do u understand this colleague well? If u know her well n knows that she is someone who does not take advantage of ppl.. it is probably just a once off situation where she went to the pantry and take some water n just nice bump into someone who just chat with her on smt.. n she can't denied..

    In general.. there r all sort of ppl at work.. so u need to judge urself whether is this someone u want to help.. there r ppl who generally takr advantages of others n ppl who dont.. n will help u out when u r in need too.. so it is really for u to judge.. n if u feel uncomfortable in helping someone.. than I would say not to help.. n sometimes we also need to give n take alittle..

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