facebookI'm 26, going 27 next year, and I see all my friends getting married, doing well in their work, but I feel like I haven't really grown up. Is it normal to feel so lost and behind? - Seedly



26 Jun 2021



I'm 26, going 27 next year, and I see all my friends getting married, doing well in their work, but I feel like I haven't really grown up. Is it normal to feel so lost and behind?

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I have a friend who passed away at 35yo leaving behind a successful career, a wife and a beautiful kid.


I also have a friend who is 40yo / single and just got retrenched. Now he is undergoing mid-career change path provided by wsg.


Another friend who is running a successful business but not in talking term with his wife and most likley they will file for divorce soon. He is fat and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle (drink, smoke, overeat, irregular sleeping habit etc).


My point is...as you grow old, you will realized that you have no one to prove to except your own family (your loved ones). Focus on your self-achievements and you run your own race. Cheers!

Edward Boon Sun Shee

15 Nov 2021

Computing - Major in Information Systems at NUS

Well don't be, KFC founder only succeeded when he was 65, and there are many success stories around if you google them. The point is this, you dont need to be envious nor jealous about what others have or what you don't have. Be present in the moment, and one good way to get started is to write down 3 big goals that you want to achieve and get down to work/learn to reach them. Like many others who have commented and advise, when you compare you will tend to feel sucky about it because grass is greener always on the other side. Be in the now monent and enjoy your life while you work/study. I'm pretty sure you will get to where you want to be in the near future. Jiayou!


22 Oct 2021

Senior Manager at Great Eastern Financial Adviser

IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT! as long as you are healthy, why the rush to get married? for the sake of being the same as your friend? Then a few years later realised actually he/she is not someone that really understands you and stuff and going through the emotional and physical rollercoaster? Is it worth it? Just wait for the correct one never rush for marriage.


Doing well in their work? how sure are you? Maybe they are not happy also you don't see that part of them.


If you feel you haven't really grown up? That's perfect! Because at least you are aware! So next step work on it! you got something to work on!


it's okay to feel lost and behind, it's a good opportunity for you to think and bounce further than your friends.


What comes easy go easy, so work hard on yourself and everything will fall in place once opportunity come.

HC Tang

07 May 2021

Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

Hi, we nowadays have quater life crisis ..this and that... but my dear friend, please don't panic or felt FOMO about it. Everyone is different, we're all created to be a unique masterpiece, the fact that not one single finger print is the same, tells us that we're all unique in our own way when the Creator made us.

With that in mind, put the peer pressure and FOMO aside, instead of looking out or look around what others has gone / done, look inside of you. Go around do things differently, try out different things, do a different work, take a different path, feel it with your heart, be the most honest with yourself. Sooner or later you'll find your own path. The path that wil makes you uniquely you. You just haven't found it! Keep looking, keep searching.

You may felt you haven't grown up, the true is that you may be a bit slow in finding your way, on what and where you're suppose to go. Just keep searching, keep looking inside, do things a little bit different, read up more, see more and talk to more people that is not your usual crowd. You'll find yourself and your pace one day. It will be your best at your own speed, with that only will you truly find satisfactions.

Happy self-discovery :)​​​

I feel you man. As long as you're able to find that purpose and pick up from there. Everything will ...

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