Does anyone else know what other new things there are from Endowus and MoneyOwl? - Seedly





Asked by Caleb Tan

Asked on 17 Jul 2019

Does anyone else know what other new things there are from Endowus and MoneyOwl?

I learnt that both are looking to provide SRS investment option later this year. MoneyOwl is also working to release holistic planning feature that includes protection, investment, retirement and national scheme like CPF. What else can we look forward? New feature? I am also wondering how regular are they looking at introducing new fund to serve as additional options to customers.


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Boh Jia Jing (James)
Boh Jia Jing (James), Associate Product Manager at Moneyowl
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 18 Jul 2019

Hi Caleb, you are spot on that we are on track in releasing our comprehensive planning platform as well as investing via SRS very soon! Other than that, be assured that there are a couple of other new features in the works regarding our investment platform to serve our clients better.

Regarding your other question on new funds, we have an internal investment committee that researches regularly on possible new funds to add to our portfolios. Ultimately, any new funds has to be aligned to our investment philosophy and value add to the portfolios we provide in terms of risk, returns and exposure.

As mentioned in the reply to your review of MoneyOwl , do send any feedback or ideas that you have to me at [email protected] !

Stay tuned to the upcoming new releases! ;)


Zen Bold
Zen Bold
Level 1. Freshie
Answered on 17 Jul 2019

It seems that they are aiming to become SRS certified:)