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Asked on 09 Jan 2020

Are FWD Travel claims reliable? How are they able to price more competitively than the other providers?

I am looking to buy this travel policy for an upcoming work trip, am wondering how credible/reliable FWD is as compared to other insurance companies?


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Hi anon,

As long as the claim criteria is met, you will be able to make a claim.

To give you a real example, I was stranded in Taipei in 2018 due to a typhoon which delayed my flight by more than 10 hours. Hence I was eligible for a claim. However, being eligible is not enough, you will have to prove that you are eligible. In this instance, I had the airline issue a letter to me at the counter to state that my flight was delayed due to the typhoon by 10 hours. (Seems that the airlines are very used to this)

With this letter, I was then able to send it to them, and claim for my flight delay.

So, as long as there is definitive prove of the triggered claim condition, there should not be any difficulties claiming.

They are going to price more competitively as they are direct sales and are probably willing and able to accept a lower margin. For something straightforward such as travel insurance, I would normally go with to search and compare the cheapest coverage.

Just wondering, does your company not cover you for work trips?


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Answered on 18 Jan 2020

Yes, used FWD multiple times and claimback was fuss free, easy and reliable . From my experience, if the claimback was below a certain amount (think $50), they would credit you in a few working days. But, if its more, then some back and forth with the CS with checks before releasing the claims.


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In most (if not all) cases, the insurance company will issue a payout so long as the claim fulfils the contractual definition for claim.

However, different insurance companies have different risk level and criteria for claim. Furthermore, they reserve the rights to conduct further checks on the claim whenever they deem necessary.

With this in mind, I will suggest for you to understand your needs and choose a reputable insurance company and with an agent who is capable to help you.

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