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Kelly Trinh

Posted on 18 Feb 2020

Anyone has any updates on the CoAssets Situation?

The firm's shares have been suspended since 8th December. That's an awfully long time as general exchange guidance would be to have continuous trading with suspensions only when there is market moving news. There was mention of an MAS audit which is a bit scary given news on Pareto recently. Does anyone know of any news/updates ?


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Level 3. Freshie

Posted on 18 Jul 2020

I did a search and this is what i found: https://e27.co/in-brief-coassets-delists-from-asx-due-to-low-shareholder-numbers-20200622/

I hope that this will be a start of a successful turnaround so that they will be able to survive through covid and pay investors soon. ​​​


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09 Dec 2020

Hi Daniel, saw your post and seems like we and alot of other investors are facing the same issue. Kindly reach out to me at [email protected] Thanks

Steve Tan

Steve Tan

10 Dec 2020

Anyone else got the long whatsapp message on the company?



Royal Uncle

Level 3. Freshie

Posted on 11 Jul 2020

Royal Uncle

14h ago

I invested on their Promissory notes, recently took a hit on the interest payment and not able to get back the principle upon the maturity. Not sure what can I do, besides hope and waiting.


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Getty Goh

Getty Goh

18 Oct 2020

Hi Derrick To recap, from the email exchanges we had, you repeatedly refused to accept the buyer’s S$50k offer and wanted a higher price. You also asked for a lump sum payment, which was just not workable from the buyer’s perspective - the buyer was not agreeable and declined the offer. By the time you raised these points (as mentioned in your latest post) the buyer has already decided not to proceed with the deal. Unfortunately, there is also no other prospective buyer currently available. Notwithstanding, I note your comments. I understand that it is not an easy time for you and will continue to keep a look out for any investors who may be keen to buy your shares. In the meantime, please take care and stay safe. Getty

Lay Kuan Khoo

Lay Kuan Khoo

15 Dec 2020

Getty Goh, you resigned in July... why do we only know in December? What kind of company is Sunfits? Why show off DWG's "shiny" portfolio to us when Denka Wee become CEO... and nothing comes out of it. Investors and even your own staff are left in the dark and in the lurch.



Nadia Poilane

Level 2. Freshie

Posted on 14 Jul 2020

The company was delisted a month ago from the ASX. Coassets told me they were suspended bc MAS was a...

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