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05 Feb 2020


What is the difference between investing DFA funds through endowus or moneyowl?

Any pro and cons for each of these Robo-advisors? Which group does each robo-advisor cater to?

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Hariz Arthur Maloy

05 Feb 2020

Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

Not from either companies but since I'm a licensed DFA distributor as well and know a little bit about my competitors, thought I'd chip in.

MoneyOwl has a minimum amount of 50 dollars to start while EndowUs is 10k.

MoneyOwl uses a combination of the DFA Global Core Equity Fund (developed market only) and DFA Emerging Market Large Cap Core Equity fund (emerging markets and specifically excludes small caps). For their fixed income, they also use DFA funds.

For EndowUs, they use the DFA World Equity Fund (both developed and emerging market) and for their fixed income exposure, they use PIMCO.

MoneyOwl distributes via iFast while EndowUs uses UOB Kay Hian. Ifast has a platform fee while Kay Hian doesn't.

Ifast charges 0.65% advisor fee and EndowUs is 0.6% all in access fee. So EndowUs is slightly cheaper.

Theyre both respectable companies who believe in similar philosophies in equity, thus both using DFA as their fund manager of choice. Globally diversified, low cost, with portfolios tilts towards the factors that drive a risk/return premium in small cap, value, and profitable companies.

Can't go wrong with either choice. And yes it sounds like I'm promoting my competitors but gotta give them kudos in areas they've done well in. I suggest speaking to both of them, and maybe myself if you're interested haha, just to understand a little bit more about what we do differently.

(note that these are for their cash portfolios, SRS and CPF portfolios will be different)

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