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13 Jan 2022


Transferring Crypto coins from Binance SG to other platforms

Hi guys, I'm trying to move out BNB and LINK from Binance SG to other platforms (like celcius), and i came across this when trying to copy my Receving wallet Address:

+Only send BNB To this address using BSC blockchain.+

+Only send LINK to this address using using ETHEREUM blockchain. This address is only for Chainlink ERC-20 tokens.+

Does that mean i shouldnt send these coins directly from Binance SG as from what i understand, it will be sending in its Native blockchain?

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It means the destination address must be on the correct blockchain, so on your receiving account, choose BNB and LINK and check if the broadcasting blockchain is BSC or ETH respectively, note that they might not all be supported depending on the exchange you're transferring to.

From what i know ,$Link don’t have native network? It mainly use ERC-20

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