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17 May 2023


Thinking of doing a mid career switch to be a teacher. How much do teachers earn on avg?

Do teachers get paid differently if they teach diff schools or age group e.g pri or sec

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In Singapore, teacher salaries can vary based on several factors, including qualifications, experience, educational background, area of specialization, and the level of teaching. If you're considering a mid-career switch to become a teacher, it's important to have a clear understanding of how these factors can affect your potential earnings.

Teachers in Singapore typically fall into different salary scales based on their educational qualifications and experience. The Ministry of Education (MOE) has a structured salary scale that outlines the salary ranges for teachers at different levels.

For early childhood educators, the salary scale is specific to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Salaries in the early childhood sector may vary depending on the level of certification, such as a diploma or a degree in Early Childhood Education. Additionally, teachers with specialized skills, such as those trained in special needs education, may earn higher salaries within the early childhood sector.

Moving up to primary, secondary, and junior college (JC) levels, teachers are typically categorized into different pay scales based on their educational qualifications and teaching experience. For example, teachers with a Bachelor's degree in Education or a relevant subject, coupled with teaching experience, can expect to be placed on a different pay scale compared to those with a Master's degree or higher qualifications.

It's important to note that teachers in specialized subjects or areas of expertise, such as Science, Mathematics, or specialized programs like Gifted Education, may receive additional remuneration or allowances. These incentives are in place to attract and retain teachers with expertise in high-demand areas.

When considering a career switch to teaching, it's advisable to research the specific salary scales provided by the MOE and ECDA to get accurate and up-to-date information on the salary ranges for different teaching levels and qualifications. You can refer to the MOE website (www.moe.gov.sg) and the ECDA website (www.ecda.gov.sg) for more details.

Ultimately, while salary is an important consideration, it's also essential to have a passion for teaching and a genuine interest in making a positive impact on students' lives. Teaching can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice, regardless of the salary scale, as it offers opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and the satisfaction of nurturing young minds. If you DO NOT HAVE THIS PASSION, PLEASE DO NOT DO A CAREER SWITCH INTO TEACHING. You will only suffer and make others suffer along as well!


21 May 2023

Blogger at diaperfinancingfund.blogspot.com

A GEO 4 education officer earns anything from $4500-$6400


18 May 2023

Content Strategist at Seedly

Seedly has a whole article on this: https://blog.seedly.sg/teacher-salary-singapore......

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