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19 Nov 2023



Mid Career Switch to MOE teacher from banking

Hi all,


really need some advice here. 29year, earning 7.5k/month. Have been in banking since graduation for about 7 years.

Considering switching to MOE teacher (JC). starting pay between 3.8k to 4.2k max.. thoughts on the pay cut ? Really can't decide yet. no major commitments but thinking of setting down in the next 1-2 years.


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Only switch if you enjoy teaching...

Have you applied? You might not be offered to do JC. Unless things have changed, JC/Sec are grouped together, so you can't choose and say you want to teach JC.


Private tutoring is different from classroom teaching and you will also need to consider the other things that you will need to take charge. Form teachership, CCA, standing committees etc.


unlike banking, the stress would be a different nature as you will be dealing with people (students, colleagues, parents). And unlike banking, everyone thinks they know how to teach.


not to scare you off but you must be clear why you want to be in The teaching professio. if you are clear, then it will be fulfilling.


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Switching from banking to teaching is a significant decision. Consider your passion for teaching, potential job satisfaction, and the lifestyle change involved. Evaluate the financial implications, ensuring you can manage the pay cut. Reflect on the alignment with your long-term career goals and check if you meet the required qualifications. Explore work-life balance and career progression opportunities in teaching. Seek advice from teachers who made similar switches and, if possible, try part-time or volunteer teaching before committing. The decision should balance personal fulfillment and financial considerations.

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The pay cut will be difficult


But do go to salary sg forum and read through the teachers thread to have a more realistic expectation

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Being a teacher, long working hours.

It's not like school end and your day ends.


school holid...

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