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11 Jun 2021


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Should I use FSMOne or Tiger Broker to DCA ~$1k every month to ETF?

Or any other brokers that you guys recommend?

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What are your thoughts?

Fsmone, cuz their ETF RSP is 1USD. Each tiger trade is 2USD. So I'd set up both accounts. Set up RSP with FSMone as it is cheaper. However, if you trade with FSMone without RSP, it is arnd 10USD. So during a crash or correction, I'll then use Tiger to buy during the dips. Cuz RSP is only one top up per month.

Saxo and IBKR are out of my recommendations as they have custodian and inactivity fee respectively. But many might argue that IBKR is the best broker in SG. Yes it's good if you hit the quantum that allows you to not need to pay for the inactivity fee.

You can consider Moomoo instead of tiger. Both are low cost.

You can apply for TD, no trading, custodian fees. No fees at all. But I've been waiting for my account opening since Jan. Maybe u might want to just create TD, once TD opened, stop RSP at FSM and DCA at no cost using TD.

No idea about POEMS, you can go check it out. I wouldn't use SCB, IU sucks. Super high trading fee. Lehchey to open. Missed a few trades because I missed some form that I needed to fill up, which too so long to approve.

Ohh I'm assuming you're investing into USD ETFs ye. Prices change if you buy a different currency.

Just my 2cents worth u do you.

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Fees are already low today and if you buy and hold one-time fees are not so important, but annual cu...

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