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This, I haven't seen it uploaded yet on the official channels.

Could you please provide an update on when we can expect the winners' poster to be shared?

Anyone has the slide of the life stages Ming Feng flashed during this opening speech?

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Honestly one of the worst Seedly Fest I’ve been to, and I’ve attended them all. Using headphones for the Heng stage is a really bad idea. Had to miss 10 minutes of a talk just to queue and take the headphones. It’s also very unsanitary. Microsite interface was horrible to use! Have to keep rotating my phone at different pages and it doesn’t show you which booths you have completed. Seedly should impose regulations on what sponsors can request from attendees in order to get the booth code. Instarem required sign-up, ordering the card and adding bank details just for the booth code… Getting the booth code shouldn’t require so much or more than 5 minutes. If they want to offer additional lucky draw or prizes for this, that’s more appropriate. Lucky draw prizes and booth prizes not very attractive. I prefer having it at Suntec rather than MBS. The topics for the talks are getting old and repetitive… Personally prefer didactic talks on fresh topics rather than panels. It’s the first time I’ve left early for Seedly Fest, and considering giving next year’s a miss.

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Kudos to the Seedly Team / MoneyHero Group for a successful PFF 2024. Do remember to give yourselves...

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