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[Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2024] Property Trends for 2024

πŸ”΄ Happening on the side stage on 6 April 2024, 3.20pm



  • Melvin Lim, Co-founder & CEO, Property Lim Brothers


Ask your questions about anything related to:

  • Will property prices & rents continue to rise in 2024?

  • Which area is the most promising?

  • What is the deal with the new housing classification?


To view what's happening at the festival, visit https://personal-finance-festival.seedly.sg/

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Is 2025 a good time to enter the property market? And is EC a good entry for investment?

Which are the potential new launch project in 2024 to buy and make profits in 3-4 years?

If today I have to choose between resale condo and resale hdb. What should be my best bet?

owner occupier for hdb or

2 names under 1 resale condo.


which option is better and why.

Hello Melvin, I have an HDB resale flat with about 50 years of lease left, and I'm retiring soon. Should I sell and downgrade to a smaller flat while prices are high, or consider renting out?

How much of influence does foreigners & SPR has on private property market in terms of property pric...

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