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[Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2024] The Ultimate Guide to Optimising Your CPF

๐Ÿ”ด Happening on the side stage on 6 April 2024, 10.50am



  • Wong Yan Jun, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Services), Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board


Ask your questions about anything related to:

  • What exactly are the CPF Ordinary Account, Special & MediSave accounts?

  • How can you grow your CPF savings?

  • How can CPF be part of your retirement planning?


To view what's happening at the festival, visit https://personal-finance-festival.seedly.sg/

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I want to grow my CPF OA balance faster. Why are CPF Investment options so limited and more expensive?

How do / can we hack our MA Savings (especially for singles with no more dependents) so that we die with ZERO MA balance ?

There are a few areas I feel CPFB could improve on

  1. interest should accrue daily instead of "monthly" i.e. monies deposited in particular month only start earning interest from following month
  2. Allow higher stock limit for savvy investors to grow their savings through self managed investment. Savviness can be measured from their portfolio performance. Too much constraint put a strain on the ability to grow our lifetime savings. Another way is to accord a higher stock limit if it is an index stock.
  3. too much restriction on medisave usage resulting in leftover savings when one passed on. Which could have been put to good use to improve medical care in one's elderly years.
  1. Why transfer SA to RA and close SA, why not just remove RA? now you have to create additional account? same result but with additional step.
  2. why are ILPs included in CPFIS? I understand generally CIS need to charge low fees for inclusion into CPFIS. I hardly think ILPs are low fees
  3. If i remember correctly, there were talks about a CPFB or SG gov managed fund or scheme which potentially pays better than CPF but there will be risks involved. how is the scheme coming along?

Kent Toh

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Consultant at Sprinklr

What are your thoughts on saving to the new ERS?

  • Why not keep it at FRS, and withdraw the rest. If...

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