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          09 Jun 2021


          I'm interested in MoneyOwl’s Dimensional Fund offerings. However, how safe are the funds?

          In the event of closure, do I get to keep my holdings under my name, and not forced to liquidate it? Saw what happened to Smartly and was a bit worried.


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              Albert Tan

              Albert Tan

              09 Jun 2021

              Level 9·Solutions & Financial Literacy at MoneyOwl

              Hi Anon,

              Thank you for your interest in MoneyOwl's Dimensional portfolios.

              The quick answer to your question on safety of your investments in the event of closure - Yes, your holdings are held separately by our custodian - iFAST Financial Pte Ltd. There are strict procedures in place to safeguard consumers in the event of a financial institution closure in Singapore.

              DollarsandSense came up with a comparison of the various platforms you can choose to invest via if you are more of a DIY investor. There are many lower cost platforms to choose from. It's the classic case of a master chef who can easily bring together prime ingredients and whip up any meal he wants, versus the average guy who probably is better off paying a restaurant or chef to enjoy the meal he wants.

              Just a word of caution when some offer "free" or "0%" fees. As an investor myself, that certainly works in my favour. However, how does this platform stay profitable and sustainable in the long run to serve my needs? Where do they get their revenues from? As you rightly pointed out in the case of Smartly, whether or not the platform will be there to serve my needs in future is also an important consideration.

              Do get in touch with us for a chat with our client advisers who will walk you through the best possible approach in your investment journey. ​​​



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                  Rather looking solely on MoneyOwl platform, there are other platforms which offer low fee. Example would be krista.ai where they do no charge any commission if you AuM is below 50 grand. I personally do have concern about parking my money with robo advisory firm given that some of them do not have long record. The only way to find out is to email them your concern. Hopefully this will help to clear your doubts :)



                      Dimensional Fund Advisors surely are (Nobel) smart people.

                      But 3 out of 4 of the Funds Money Owl us...

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