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18 Nov 2021


Why doesn't MoneyOwl offer other Dimensional funds like Endowus?

Just curious!

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Albert Tan

19 Nov 2021

Solutions & Financial Literacy at MoneyOwl

Hi Anon,

That's a good question! This is really down to the core focus of our business model.

MoneyOwl is a financial adviser at the core offering comprehensive financial planning, insurance planning, investments, and will writing services. As investment is just one part in our suite of services, it has to serve a complementary role to our financial planning model and philosophy. As such, you will only find a carefully curated list of funds from Dimensional and Fullerton on our investment platform.

You can rest assured that the current list of funds is not cast in stone. There is a need for ongoing monitoring to ensure the tools are and remain fit for purpose, and can provide the reliable and adequate returns investors need to achieve their financial goals through investing.

From a business perspective, I believe you wouldn't set up shop just to sell exactly what another shop already sells and at very similar prices.

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