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24 Jun 2021



Coinhako vs Binance SG for crypto

I've seen the discussion recently on Binance SG vs Binance vs Gemini. How about Coinhako vs Binance SG? Are there any pros or cons (both in trading and investing) in using one instead of the other? I'm personally using Coinhako for investing, but I've read previously about how Coinhako has a wide spread and other cons so now wondering about how Coinhako compares to Binance SG!

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What are your thoughts?

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August/September 2021 Onwards!

Haiya, OP asks for opinions, ya'all spam so much referal codes for whatπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ... Ppl nowdays lol.

Use binance Sg, it's the clear winner here. Coinhako has higher fees.
If you already using it, it's OK to keep it there. Just diversify into other platforms. Don't pay them more money than u need to! :)

crypto.com gives you free 30 days of trade and afterwhich you can create another account under crypto.com Exchange. Just create an Xfers account to transfer SGD to the account. Coins can be transferred for freeto the crypto.com Exchange. Lots of interesting promotions on crypto.com e.g. Get MATIC at 50% with the subscriptionby staking CRO (ended 22/7). Binance has lots of staking and liquidity pool options. I have yet to try CoinHako.

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Binance link


Another alternative I use is Gemini ActiveTrader as an easy way to purchase BTC using SGD.

Been using it for years (previously via DBS remit in USD, but now possible using FAST transfer so much more convenient)


Once you have purchased some crypto, and would like to make your holdings grow via compound interest you can consider Cake DeFi - it's a local company – operating in SG, registered in SG (200K users so far)

Currently there's a limited time increased bonus of $50 USD for depositing $50 USD (in one transaction)


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