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26 y.o. Asset allocation advice


I can currently save ~4.5K per month. I am including the total OA contributions in this calculation as I am aiming to get a HDB flat of my own in 5 - 10 years.

~20K invested (mostly in whole world indexes).

~80K in cash (SG Government Securities + fixed deposits).


  1. Am I investing too little of my savings?
  2. If I were to increase the amount that I am investing, should I be considering assets that are less risky than equities? (I have been looking into SG Bond ETFs and AGGU).

Thanks a lot!

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8h ago

Thanks for the advice everyone. To clarify, I wanted to get some insights to determine what is my risk tolerance level and I appreicate the diverse range of comments.

Given your savings rate and timeline, you could consider increasing your investment allocation, while still maintaining a healthy cash reserve.


A common rule of thumb is to have 3-6 months' worth of living expenses in cash, and invest the rest. In your case, this could mean investing a larger portion of your monthly savings.


Diversifying into less risky assets like bond ETFs can be a good idea, especially as you get closer to your HDB flat purchase timeline.


SG Bond ETFs and AGGU (iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond ETF) can provide more stability and lower volatility compared to pure equity investments.


You could consider allocating a portion (e.g., 20-30%) of your investment portfolio to these types of bond/fixed-income assets to reduce overall risk.

How much you're investing is subjective, but generally, keep as little of your cash in the bank as possible (where it's not working for you).


As the adage goes, having 6 months of your expenses liquid is sufficient, the rest can be (and should be) invested.'


As for whether you should consider assets less risky than equities, that is up to individual risk appetite, but with the proper knowledge and information, you'll come to realise that investing in equities (e.g. S&P500) is also safe and has high returns, which will help to accelerate your goal towards getting your HDB in the timeframe you specified.


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Buy some bitcoin and ethereum. Buy some dividednd stocks/etfs such as JEPI or JEPQ for monthly dividend etfs.

You may consider


1) solid gold bullion held in Singapore as well as Canada

2) alternative strat...

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