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14 Jun 2021


Advice for F.I.R.E. asset allocation in these uncertain times?

Hi all! Advice (especially F.I.R.E.-related) is greatly appreciated on my current asset allocation given the current uncertain economic climate:

33yo single, self-employed

  • No hard assets (car/house); living with elderly parents
  • No intention for marriage/kids
  • Aiming for Barista F.I.R.E. with 80-85% savings rate
  • Ongoing habit of tracking all income and expense streams

Est. Net Worth currently is ~ $560k, broken down into:

  • Robos/Mutual Funds ~ $160k (roughly 43% equities, 37% fixed income, 17% real estate, 3% commodities/cash)
  • Individual REIT counters ~$60k
  • Cash/Deposits ~ $70k
  • MMFs ~ $210k
  • Foreign currencies ~$11k
  • CPF ~ $50k

I am trying not to time the market, but how and into which areas should I DCA into? I started on my investment journey only in my late 20s and feel the above allocation is quite conservative but I have been guarding against the greatly fluctuating (past and potential loss of) income due to the current situation. Thanks in advance!

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I guess, just guessing for fun, from ur portfolio u recieved ~ $6k to 7k dividend p.a?

$560k @ 33 is amazing feat. I see your portfolio mostly income generating component?

Is time to deploy your MMF & foreign currencies.

How much income do you really need for 1 month? How much is the gap from now? Deploy the amount to a higher yield fixed income with monthly payout. That will cover your monthly expenses.

Then the rest into S&P500 ETF (lump sum) to let is grow , which you wont be touching soon.

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