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110 reviews


15% on interest earned


    15% on interest earned
    DEFAULT RATE (2019 Q2)
Reviews (110)


110 Reviews

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  • Posted 2w ago



    excellent customer service! clear my funds transfer questions right away through their online chat.. one issue could be not enough deals to take part in. overall a nice app and sincere customer service. keep it up!
  • Posted 3w ago
    These slots run out fast, and it is very disappointing when you invest just when you catch the crowdfunding when it opens on the dot and they send you the wrong OTP! Punched it in again and again for the whole 60 secs and did not work. You have to wait for the 60secs to be over before they will resent an OTP - by THAT TIME ALL SLOTS ARE GONE. Wow that's really screwed up customer service. Now I scared I cannot withdraw my money too???

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    3w ago

    I meant the funding slots of which 30% of the funding target are allotted on a first come first served basis.
    SeedIn Singapore
    SeedIn Singapore

    2w ago

    Hi Tze, Thank you for the clarification and feedback, we are sorry you missed the deal and went through the ordeal. Yes, both Auto-Invest & Manual Invest are allocated on first come first serve basis. With regard to Manual Investing, 30% is allocated for investors to participate. For example, at a deal size of $50,000 at 30% = $15,000 Scenario 1: Based on our minimum of $1,000 per investment, a maximum of 15 investors can participate to fill up the balance. Scenario 2: As manual investing allows all investors to input any amount more than $1,000, less than 15 investors may participate based on their successful allocated amount. Thank you for also reaching out to us on our LiveChat regarding the OTP, our team has responded, and we would love to continue the findings with your further input. Hope to hear from you soon on our LiveChat! Regards, Seedin Customer Service Team
  • Posted on 11 Nov 2019
    Seedin is reliable, easy to use, user friendly and hassle-free. Seedin is one of the best platforms to invest with low risk, high interest rates and low capital needed to start with!
  • Posted on 07 Nov 2019
    I am Glad that the customer officer Lara is able to resolve my OTP issue quickly and this enables me to make an investment deal straight away. Thanks for your help!
  • Updated on 01 Nov 2019
    As a new user, after reading Seedly reviews, i decided to give P2P a try 2 weeks ago. The account creation process is simple. Cant remember if it took 1 day or 2 to activate my account. There are app and web version for the program. The outlook of both is smooth. What i like about Seedin is that it will tells you how many people has invested and how many % to completion to crowdfunding. However improvement is requires on the process of transferring cash from bank to Seedin. When i transfer cash to Seedin, it took 7 working days to reflect it in my account. I forgotten to screenshot my transfer transaction and uses their web chat to check if they have received my fund. There are no followup from chat, despite it saying that it will get back to me within a few hours. After waiting for 2 days, I still did not received any call and update. Honestly, i thought of calling the bank and pull back my funds. However they were my first choice of P2P selection, so I decided to call them on the hotline. The receptionist did pick up the call and said that they will get back to me. Thankfully, she did what she promised and told me that transfer was received but it will take about 5 more days to reflect into my account. The progress of this is rather quite slow. So people, please take note from the time you bank in to you seeing it in Seedin account, you will require 7 working days and dont bother using their web chat, cos its doesnt work. Overall, i dont regret trying them out.
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    SeedIn Singapore
    SeedIn Singapore

    01 Nov 2019

    Dear Imonoyama Chiyo, Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better. Seedin processes top up verification and approval within 2 working days when all information is provided in the supporting document. Please feel free reach out to us at ‘[email protected]' with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We’d love to make things right if you give us another chance. Thank you for your support with Seedin, it’s our pleasure to be of service to you! Regards, Seedin Customer Service Team
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Chun Huan
Chun Huan
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 6d ago
Not sure if seedly allows this. but what the heck. referal link to seedin:

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Cassandra Tho
Cassandra Tho
Level 5. Genius
Updated on 18 Apr 2019
I'm Cassandra, the community specialist from CoAssets. Allow me to give you the objective view of my findings. All calculations except for Capital Match are according to MAS's standards. Rate of returns per annum in 2018, ranked according to weighted average returns) 1. Minterest: 3.5-24% (Weighted ave: 12.95%) 2. CoAssets: 9-10% (Weighted Ave: 9.91%) 3. Moolahsense 5.90%-16.82% (Weighted Ave: 9.9%) 4. Funding Societies: 6.51-17.79% (Weighted Ave: 9.32%) 5. SeedIn: 7-20% (Weighted Ave: 8.33%) 6. Capital Match: 15-20% APR (Weighted Ave: unknown) Default rates (measured as non-performing loan rate beyond 30days) in 2018, ranked in descending order 1. Moolahsense: 14.82% 2. Minterest: 0.59% 3. Funding Societies: 0.47% 4. SeedIn: 0.32% 5. Capital Match: 0.20% 6. CoAssets: 0.00% Note that stats are according to internal standards and not MAS's criteria. Even after 90 days, Capital Match does not classify it as a default, unless the company is in the windup, has undergoing lawsuits, or the director(s) declare bankruptcy. Furthermore, Capital Match does not have an updated statistic based on 2018; thus this internally calculated rate is for 2017. In summary, the services these platforms provide are similar. All these platforms provide opportunities for retail investors to invest in a variety of projects. The difference is that CoAssets is the only listed online funding platform which means that they're obliged to give transparent performance updates twice a year. Their rate of returns, default rates and profits are under the scrutiny of the Australian exchange and the public, bare for all to see. As for the rest, the data provided above was based on the information provided on their website. Another factor to consider is hidden costs like service fees or surcharges within the rate of returns. For CoAssets specifically, the investors get the full interest back. For others, for example, the interest rate may be 20% but they may charge a 1% service fee resulting in an actual return of 19% only. I'm open to discussing any of the mentioned points should someone else's findings be different. I hope this helps. References: MAS guidelines: Moolahsense: Minterest: Funding Societies: SeedIn: CoAssets: Capital Match:

About Seedin

Seedin is founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Seedin describes itself as a platform that works and thinks like an SME. Seedin’s main cusomer groups are Busineses and Investors.

Types of loans by Seedin

Seedin provides loans in the form of Business Loans.

Risk Management for Seedin

All credit limits are approved within a defined credit approval framework by The Credit Risk Committee.

Seedin manages Credit Risk through a framework that sets out policies and procedures covering the measurement and management of credit risk. Credit Risk is also managed with clear segregation of duties between transaction originators in the businesses and approvals in the Risk function.

Collateral is held to mitigate credit risk exposures and risk mitigation policies determine the eligibility of collateral types.

Minimum investment and fees for Seedin

The minimum investment for Seedin is at $1000.

Seedin Contact Info

  • Phone no.: 6916 1799
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 57 Mohamed Sultan Rd,
  • #03-05, Sultan-Link
  • Singapore 238997

For more info, you can check out Seedin’s website here.